Teeth Whitening in Dentistry

Types of whitening and their benefits

Modern aesthetic dentistry teeth whitening raised to the level of art. With its help, the crown is lightened by 8-12 tones. If the darkening is caused by an injury or the installation of a filling with silver, then dental teeth whitening involves exposure from the inside, eliminating the cause of the defect.

The most popular and safe method is the hardware impact. A special gel is applied to the crowns, which is activated under the radiation of a SiroLaser diode laser. A similar procedure is performed using:

  • ultrasound;
  • light (ZOOM or LUMA-COOL lamp).

Dental whitening using hardware methods is based on the initiation of the reaction of the release of active oxygen in the gel by any type of radiation or sound vibrations. Bubbles cause cavitation (oscillation) of particles of plaque and hard deposits, and the dental hygienist gently cleanses the crown with the help of various scaler nozzles.

The effect of professional oral hygiene lasts for several years (up to 5), subject to the rules of prevention. But to maintain the effect of a snow-white smile, you need to visit the office of a dental hygienist at least 2 times a year.

These types of cleaning have a great advantage over chemical exposure, since radiation contributes to tissue regeneration, disinfection of the oral cavity. Radiation accelerates the reaction, and the active substance contacts the enamel less time, eliminating its damage.

The difference between endowhitening is that the reaction occurs inside the channels of the depulped tooth. The chelating agent (EDTA solution) is placed in the channels and a temporary filling is established. The procedure is repeated until the desired result is achieved. Then, restoration material is placed in the canal.

The method is indicated when the color of the crown changes as a result of the use of coloring filling materials, the death of the pulp or when standard methods did not give the desired effect.


Before whitening teeth at the dentist, it is necessary to undergo examination and sanitation of the oral cavity. The procedure can not be carried out with gum disease and caries. The doctor will determine the cause of the darkening and prescribe treatment, inform how teeth are whitened in dentistry, and select the optimal type of exposure.

To eliminate the increased sensitivity, the specialist performs a remineralizing procedure - before and after whitening, it applies products containing phosphorus, magnesium, calcium. The resulting film extends the period of action of minerals and protects the crown from thermal effects and the introduction of pigments. At home, use:

  • O.C.S. Medical Minerals;
  • Tooth Mousse;
  • Amazing White Minerals;
  • Vivax Dent.

Professionals of the "Sa Nata" Clinic use only the best whitening products and methods, which guarantees an excellent result and preservation of enamel integrity. A wide range of hygienist services allows you to choose a procedure that is affordable for all segments of the population.