Perfectly even teeth are the dream of every person. Previously, heavy and massive braces were used for alignment, which do not add beauty and aesthetics to the appearance, but now this process has become much simpler thanks to a device such as orthodontic mouth caps

What kind of device is this?

An orthodontic mouth cap, or eliner, is an innovative bracket system, which consists of caps made of transparent material worn on each tooth. It can be used to correct a crooked row or after removing braces as a support device. Used to treat congenital or acquired malocclusion.

Types of products

"Orthodontic mouth caps can be individual or thermoplastic. Individual ones are made in the dental Clinic "Sa-Nata" according to the patient's jaw casts. This manufacturing option is most effective in aligning and correcting the bite. Thermoplastic mouthcaps have a universal, overall size. Before installation, they need to be dipped in hot water for a while, as a result of which they heat up and become plastic. After installation on the jaw, they solidify and take the necessary shape.

According to the material of manufacture, they distinguish:


Both materials are hypoallergenic, transparent, a person will not feel them while wearing. By time, the mouthcaps are divided into: nightly: worn only during the night’s sleep, used in case of slight curvature; round-the-clock: used for severe defects, worn constantly, removed only in order to conduct oral hygiene.

A device for alignment and correction of bite is produced for adults and children. If it’s easy for adults to use this device, they cause some inconvenience in children. For example, children can constantly remove the mouth cap, thereby reducing its therapeutic effect.

On the other hand, dental caps are invisible, like simple braces, because of which children are often teased by peers.

Product selection and terms of operation

"To get a perfect even smile, it is recommended to use an individual mouth cap. To make it, you will need to visit a dentist who will make a cast of the jaw. At the "Sa-Nata" Dental Clinic, dentifrice preparations are prepared in the shortest possible time from the best materials.

Duration of wearing depends on the severity of the clinical case. On average, the period of correction of teeth or bite takes 7-8 months. This is faster than wearing simple braces.

Care Rules

The orthodontic mouthcap ordered at the "Sa-Nata" Dental Clinic is easy to use and requires no special care. All that is required is to rinse it every day with non-hot, running water and clean the inside with a brush with paste.

Advantages and disadvantages

"The disadvantage of orthodontic appliances is the price, which is slightly higher than the cost of conventional braces. The second minus - the corrective agent does not help in advanced clinical cases. But, taking into account all the advantages of this tool for aligning teeth, the price is quite justified.

Mouthcaps do not affect the enamel, do not change its color, they are easy to put on and take off (this will take only a few seconds). The first positive result appears after a few months. Orthodontic appliances are not visible even with a wide smile. Accordingly, neither an adult nor a child will experience any discomfort in the process of wearing and communicating with others.