There is a special orthodontic device that is used after removing the bracket system to consolidate the result and give the dentition strength and stability. Like bracket systems, retainers in the "Sa-Nata" dental Clinic are made individually for each patient.

What are the accessories for?

"Retainer, the price of which depends on its type and material of manufacture, is necessary to prevent re-deformation of the dentition. While wearing braces, bone tissue is rebuilt to a new position. But this happens only due to the pressure exerted by the bracket system. As soon as the braces are removed, there is a high probability that the teeth will begin to deform again. Retainer reviews which prove the need for its use, reinforce the result obtained from the correction.

Types of products

"The Clinic "Sa-Nata" presents these dental devices in the following varieties: Removable retainers can be worn constantly or worn only during a night's sleep.

Presented in the form of plates or cap made of transparent material. Preference is given to mouth cap, since they are almost imperceptible, which makes it possible to wear products constantly, which means that the result from their use will be achieved much faster. And simple plate devices are less convenient and have a less aesthetic appearance. Based on the material and appearance, it depends on how much such devices cost.

The fixed retainer, the price of which differs from the removable analog, is made of steel for medical purposes. They look like a thin wire that is attached to crowns with strong glue. Cases when the retainer has peeled off are impossible. A device is put on both the lower and upper jaw from the inside.

How much retainers cost depends on their type and material. In the dental Clinic "Sa-Nata", such devices are made individually for each patient according to a cast of his dentition. If you need to install a retainer, the price includes a full range of services - preparing the oral cavity with thorough hygiene, installing the device and removing it at the end of the wearing.

Types of products

How much should you wear the product?

"There are no generally accepted terms for wearing a fastening device. The terms of use are determined by the doctor individually, depending on factors such as the age of the patient, the initial degree of curvature of the dentition, and the condition of the enamel.

The longer you wear such a device, the lower the risk of re-bending or malocclusion. Particularly relevant is the installation of a retainer for a long time in people over the age of 30, when bone tissue is no longer as plastic as in children, and the risk of its deformation after wearing braces is high.

How to care the product?

"It is important not only to know what retainers are, but also how to care for them so that they give a positive result. Removable pads must be removed after each meal and thorough hygiene of the oral cavity and the device itself should be carried out. If a person removes them during the day, the device must be stored in a special box where dust or dirt will not get. Fixed systems only require regular oral hygiene.

After eating, it is recommended to rinse with special care solutions to wash away the remnants of food. If you do not adhere to these rules, food particles may remain under the wire, which over time will cause the formation of plaque and stone.

If you are wearing these orthodontic products for a long time, it is recommended that you periodically contact the "Sa-Nata" Dental Clinic for deep tooth brushing.