How is laser whitening performed?

To whiten teeth with a laser, first you need to apply a special gel, which in its composition contains an oxidizing agent. The laser beam drives it, due to which the oxidizing agent liberates oxygen molecules, which in its turn enter the farthest enamel salts and destroy the pigment that accumulates. Each tooth undergoes this procedure individually for 1-2 minutes, with the gums and mucous membranes being maximally covered with a special film.

You will be shocked, but literally in 15 minutes you can really find a new snow-white smile.

How is laser whitening performed?

What are the benefits of laser whitening?

What are the benefits of laser whitening?
  • You get a high-class result in a very short period of time, since the laser beam flux makes the whitening gel faster and better;
  • With this type of bleaching, the pulp does not overheat;
  • Your enamel remains completely safe;
  • Laser whitening destroys all types of pigments, whether it is gray, yellow, brown, coffee or wine stains.
  • For each patient, we individually select the intensity, duration of the apparatus, as well as the most optimal concentration of oxidizing agent

Therefore, be calm about the overheating of enamel and its sensitivity.

Earnestly? Exactly!

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