Tooth inflammation treatment

"Causes of pathology Conditionally pathogenic microflora is always present in the oral cavity. If the balance of microbiocinosis is disturbed, its development occurs. The presence of damage in the periodontium is the entrance gate to the infection. Therefore, inflammation under the tooth is caused by: infections injuries.

The source of the threat are:

  • incorrectly installed, outdated constructions;
  • mistakes, non-observance of aseptic rules in the process of prosthetics;
  • refusal of reorganization;
  • non-compliance with hygiene rules;
  • the presence in the body of a focus of infection;
  • injuries that increase the mobility of the unit.

Pathology is manifested by characteristic symptoms. Symptoms of the disease The main "signal" to immediately contact dentistry is pain, which appears with varying intensity during the day.

In addition, a person feels:

  • discomfort when pressing on the crown;
  • increased pain when trying to close the jaw;
  • in the presence of purulent accumulation at the base of the root, the pain radiates to the bones of the cheekbone, orbit, temple, collarbone.

Her character changes from throbbing to sweeping; the effect of food and drink temperature; there is an increase in submandibular lymph nodes; chills, weakness, general deterioration. Chronic inflammation of the tooth, the symptoms of which are somewhat different from acute, are manifested by a putrid odor from the mouth, the formation of fistulas and other defects near the apex of the root.

Therapies Treatment of tooth roots is carried out by opening its cavity, cleaning the canals from the previous sealant and introducing medications with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Only after the sanation of the lesion, removal of the affected tissue and exudate, subsidence of symptoms of pathology, is the final filling of the channels performed. Radiography is prescribed before and after therapy. Inflammation of the tooth, the treatment of which can last from several days to several weeks, requires careful monitoring.

The remaining focus can lead to serious consequences. Dental inflammation, the treatment of which in the Clinic of "Sa-Nata" is performed by the best specialists in Kiev, requires the use of antibiotics, analgesics. The doctor develops a therapy and rehabilitation strategy based on individual characteristics.