Dental caries is a disease that, without timely treatment, will lead to tooth loss and the development of serious complications. Caries in the stain stage, the treatment of which can be done without surgery is an early stage. The presence of such a sign as the appearance of a stain on the enamel is an indication for urgent treatment to the dentist.

White spot

"A carious lesion appears gradually. First, a person notes that sensitivity to hot and cold food, drinks has increased, then white caries begins to form. The initial stage is characterized by the appearance of a small formation of white, similar to plaque. It is at this stage of the pathology that there is a chance to quickly and successfully cure it, without allowing further development and the appearance of complications.

The treatment of caries in the stain stage at the "Sa-Nata" dental Clinic is conservative, without surgical intervention. To prevent further development of the disease, the following procedures are carried out:

  • professional and deep cleaning of the oral cavity;
  • raid removal;
  • stone removal;
  • enamel polishing.

Depending on the pain threshold, the patient may be offered the use of anesthesia.

White spot removal

"Each dentist will be able to explain what dental caries is and what it leads to. This is a gradual destruction of enamel with the formation of a hole that grows in size and leads to a gradual destruction of the crown and roots. The development of the disease begins with the appearance of a whitish plaque in the form of "blots" with blurred borders. To remove it at the dental Clinic "Sa-Nata", a remineralization technique is used.

Tooth caries is removed due to enamel coating with a special two-component composition of fluorine and calcium. The procedure is carried out in 2 stages with a time period of several weeks. The remineralization method helps to strengthen the enamel, saturates it with useful macro-and microelements.

The likelihood that dental caries will develop again is extremely small. After a course of remineralization, the doctor re-examines the patient to assess the condition of the dental tissue. If the therapy was carried out in a timely manner, caries of the stain stage will be cured and will not occur again.

Plaque darkening

"Not every person can notice a white spot on the crown, especially if it is located deep. Because of this, the white color gradually turns into dark, which indicates the further development of carious lesions. If this happens, damaged teeth are treated by the preparation and installation of the filling.

Areas affected by the carious process are treated with liquid nitrogen. After removal of the darkening and installation of the fillings, tooth enamel is remineralized in order to restore it as soon as possible.


"Specialists of the dental Сlinic "Sa-Nata" are engaged in both treatment and prevention, and the prevention of the re-development of carious pathology after therapy.

In order not to encounter this disease, you must regularly brush your teeth (at least 2 times a day) using toothpastes, which include elements such as calcium and fluoride. They protect and strengthen the dental coating. Prevention also includes the rejection of bad habits - smoking and drinking alcohol, abuse of coffee and coffee-containing drinks, sweets, soda water.

Do not forget about the need to remove food particles after each meal. An important role in the prevention of oral pathologies is played by regular removal of tartar and a visit to the dentist at least 1-2 times a year. In the presence of chronic diseases, a doctor should be visited more often.