Computed tomography of teeth

Where is the installation applied?

Dental installation is used in:

  • treatment of soft tissue pathology;
  • developing a surgical intervention strategy;
  • implant prosthetics.

Using the device, you can identify the following dental pathologies and conditions:

  • latent caries;
  • uncut teeth;
  • neoplasms;
  • injuries due to injuries;
  • the presence of pathological processes;
  • the degree of destruction of bone tissue;
  • malformations of the dentition.

Tooth tomography allows you to choose the appropriate type of implant and predict its behavior, to monitor the state of the structure and tissues after its installation. The CT method helps the patient see the future result of implantation. Computed tomography of the jaw is necessary for visualizing bone tissue, choosing the type and strategy of surgical intervention.

The characteristics of the bone have a huge impact on the selection of implants, the speed of their integration and the long-term consequences of operation. The modern method of creating a 3D model opens up new perspectives in prosthetics. Due to several advantages of computer scanning over classical radiography, it is becoming more widespread.

Advantages of the technique

Computed tomography used at the "Sa-Nata" Clinic, the price of which is quite affordable, makes it possible:

  • to get a three-dimensional, but not a flat image of the investigated organ;
  • manipulate the picture, which allows you to explore the object from all sides;
  • create a data bank, as the results are recorded on a digital medium;
  • apply the procedure the required number of times, since the radiation load is significantly lower than that of the x-ray apparatus;
  • use in pediatric dentistry;
  • minimum scan time is only 60 seconds;
  • lack of need for preparatory measures;
  • the presence of a much smaller number of contraindications.

The only drawback of the CT method is the lack of appropriate equipment, trained professionals in most clinics of the country and the cost of computed tomography, which does not allow the general public to use this benefit quite often.

The cost of computed tomography is high due to expensive equipment, maintenance of the installation and interpretation of the results obtained by highly qualified specialists who have passed a specialized training course.

However, in the "Sa-Nat" Clinic, computed tomography for which prices are more affordable is performed according to indications to a large number of patients. Understanding the wide possibilities of the method and rooting for the reputation of the clinic, specialists took a step towards the client. A flexible system of discounts, bonuses, the ability to pay in installments allowed all customers without exception to get the most complete, objective and reliable research results.

The high quality of manufacturing orthodontic constructions by the specialists of the medical center is explained not only by their skill, but also by the capabilities of the device in creating an accurate virtual model taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient. In addition, the use of dental CT can significantly reduce the cost of procedures and save on reworking the orthopedic surgeon.