Front teeth implantation (preparation)

The unsatisfactory aesthetic appearance of the dentition causes discomfort during communication and eating, makes it impossible to sincerely smile, violates the old way of life. Therefore, when a free space appears in the dentition, it must be filled as soon as possible.

There are two ways to restore a tooth: prosthetics and implantation.

The advantage of implantation, in comparison with prosthetics, is that the implant is installed in the missing place of the dentition without damage to adjacent teeth. Since the front teeth do not perform chewing function, special implants are used for their restoration, the main tasks of which are to achieve an aesthetic smile, maintain the size of the bone tissue, minimize injury to the gums and speed up the recovery process.

The installation of dental implants is recommended in such cases:

Since dental implants require one or more surgical procedures, a thorough diagnosis is required to prepare for this process, which includes:

It is possible to make all the necessary tests and carry out comprehensive diagnostics in the European-level dental Clinic "SA-NATA", which has highly qualified specialists and the most modern equipment.

Only after that you can choose the implant, crown, and proceed with the implantation procedure.