Implantation is a rather complicated manipulation of dentistry! Therefore, it requires a very reverent attitude!

Implantation of front teeth is generally jewelry work that everyone can’t do, since the doctor has a huge responsibility to make a smile natural and incredibly beautiful! Such manipulations can easily be done by the implantologist of the "Sa-Nata" Clinic, Nikolai Ivanovich.

What are the nuances during these procedures?

Today, there are a large number of reasons why patients are asking to restore their frontal teeth. Most often, this is a poor-quality treatment, advanced caries, or trauma.

Loss of front teeth plays an important aesthetic role, therefore, I use modern prosthetics to restore them: an artificial tooth is installed using an instant technique, which not only allows restoration of the dentition, but also retains the shape of the gums due to the simultaneous fixation of the temporary crown.

In the area of ​​the anterior teeth, implants with a small diameter are used. These implants are placed below bone level. Such manipulation allows you to achieve a good aesthetic effect in the gum zone and not to resort to its plastic.

If we talk about the company of implants, then do not trust unknown manufacturers, since at one time there were quite a lot of them on the market. To date, a large number has closed, so in case of failure of any part, it will actually be difficult to find a replacement. In addition, some firms make mistakes in the manufacture of their products, which may result in rejection.

But what system you would not prefer, the specialist plays an important role. We are confident in our professionals! Therefore, do not experiment with your health, but come to "SA-NATA" Clinic!