If an adult patient at the dentist’s appointment can meet a silent doctor who, although he does not have long conversations, is an excellent professional in his field, then in pediatric dentistry this approach to the patient is impossible. The best pediatric dentist, which can be found in the Kiev dental Clinic "Sa-Nata", is not only a dentist, but also a psychologist who can quickly find an approach to any child, depriving him of fears.

What qualities should a specialist in pediatric dentistry have?

"A professional pediatric dentist should have the following personal qualities and characteristics:



calm and patience;

attention to children's fears to quickly prevent them;

smile and friendliness;


A good pediatric dentist will never make a small patient wait long near the office, because it only cultivates fear of doctors. In the "Sa-Nata" Dental Clinic, the probability of even waiting a minute in the queue is simply not allowed.

What does the specialist treat?

"A pediatric dentist in his professional activities performs the following tasks:

treatment and prevention of diseases of temporary, primary or permanent teeth;

  • training in proper oral hygiene;
  • correction of a crooked dentition;
  • correction of congenital malocclusion;
  • extraction of teeth not subject to restoration;
  • therapy of caries and other infectious diseases of the oral cavity.

    In addition, this specialist performs a routine examination of the oral cavity to prevent the development of diseases.

In what cases should I see a doctor?

"Most parents mistakenly assume that milk molars do not require special attention, since they still fall out over time. However, the danger of insufficient care for temporary teeth is that if they were struck by caries, the disease is almost 100% likely to occur on a permanent basis.

A pediatric dentist should examine a child in the following cases:

  • age 6-7 months when the teeth begin to erupt;
  • bleeding gums;
  • the presence of dark spots on temporary or permanent teeth;
  • the identification in the baby of logopedic deviations due to a short or long bridle;
  • caries on milk teeth.

Also, a pediatric dentist diagnoses the curvature of the dentition in the early stages and corrects it by installing bracket systems. Early diagnosis of various diseases of primary teeth and their timely treatment will avoid problems as the child grows older.

How is the visit to the specialist going?

"Consultation with a specialist in the Clinic of "Sa Nata" takes place in an easy, pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Doctors of the Clinic are well versed in child psychology, so that the child relaxes and feels as if he has come to visit an old and good friend.
Examination of the oral cavity and diagnostic procedures are in a game form, with interesting conversations. After examining the child, the doctor consults the parents, talking about existing problems and treatment methods. If there is a need to correct the dentition or correct the bite, the clinic’s orthodontists select braces individually, using the best, hypoallergenic materials and reliable designs.

If necessary, minimally invasive surgical interventions are performed - plastic surgery of the tongue and labial frenum, removal of milk or molars that were infected or began to grow incorrectly.