"Sa-Nata" keeps up to date, and therefore 3Shape is already in our Clinic.

This is an innovative equipment designed for scanning the oral cavity, with the help of which dentists can digitally print soft tissues, teeth, directly in the patient's mouth. Now there is no need to make casts in the old Soviet ways.

Together with innovative digital microscopy, in a short period of time 3Shape extracts information about the oral cavity in 3D, which is fully consistent with the shape, position of the teeth and size.

3 Shape is one of the leading dental equipment scanners with:

  • High speed scanning;
  • The most correct and accurate scan;
  • The possibility of determining the color of teeth;
  • Observation of the patient's condition;
  • A simulator of treatment.

Therefore, we are waiting for you at our Clinic! Be the first to use an ultra-precise, innovative scanner!