What is the success of digital orthopedic dentistry?

Modern dentistry cannot do without the possibility of replacing the natural row of teeth. However, more and more patients are suffering from tooth loss for various reasons. Some patients simply need to remove a diseased tooth, while others for some reason have lost a healthy tooth.

It is these problems that prevent you from continuing to enjoy a full, healthy smile, and make orthopedic dentistry very important for many patients.

It should be noted that in the modern world, specialists are switching to digital orthopedics. It allows you to achieve greater comfort in the installation of the prosthesis or implant, to improve quality and speed up tissue regeneration.

In the treatment of all kinds of injuries of the dentition, correction of occlusion and other defects related to incorrect position of the teeth, our specialists use the following methods:

  • digitization of the jaws;
  • 2D-modeling of the upcoming result;
  • 3D visualization of the final work.

At each stage of work with the patient, "SA-NATA" Clinic uses digital technology. For the production of all kinds of orthopedic structures, digitization of the jaws is used. Therefore, prostheses, veneers and crowns exactly recreate the natural dentition.

I must say that it is very important to get high-quality source material for further manipulations. Here 3Shape comes to the rescue - an innovative device for intraoral scanning, which allows you to get digital prints of teeth and soft tissues directly in the patient's mouth! Using digital microscopy, in the shortest possible time, the 3D scanner receives information about the oral cavity, which perfectly repeats the shape, size and position of the patient’s teeth. Immediate diagnostics and sending prints to the laboratory - what could be better?

Visualization of the prototype on a 3D printer makes it possible to "try on" a future smile. This is a significant stage, since the patient has the opportunity not only to see the result, but also to understand how comfortable he will feel. It is possible, for example, to build a three-dimensional model of the jaw, which will allow you to assign an accurate treatment plan and create the missing part of the jaw system. During the visualization process, corrections can be made if necessary.

To summarize. The main task facing the orthopedic dentist is to eliminate violations of the masticatory functions of the dentition. Only with the help of modern equipment, computer simulation of the dentition becomes possible, which allows precise manufacturing of surgical templates.

Computer engineering is used to create removable prostheses for future generations. Dentistry will always be part of science and art, but with the advent of an improved digital process, it is increasingly approaching exact science.

The presence in the "SA-NATA" Clinic of a dental intraoral 3D 3Shape scanner allows you to get the highest quality treatment result, since it is digital dentistry that can reduce the human factor and exclude subsequent possible errors. In addition, it is a huge plus for the patient that he will be able to see the result of the eliminated defect before starting work.

We invite you to a consultation in the Clinic "SA-NATA". Our experts use only modern equipment. We work, grow and develop every day to satisfy all your dreams of beautiful and healthy teeth!