Sometimes it seems that it’s time to say goodbye to a tooth, but believe me, this is far from necessary. Removal is the very last step. The situation can be saved by placing a crown. Crowns are orthopedic structures, micro prostheses that are put on the rest of the tooth (like a cap) and fulfill its function.

Crowns are put on the honed tooth enamel and fixed with a special cement mortar. With the help of the crown you will not only get healthy strong teeth, but also restore an attractive smile.

What should be considered when choosing crowns?

What should be considered when choosing crowns?

First, undoubtedly, the main role is played by price. Secondly, it is a tooth that needs a crown itself. Most likely your dentist will help in choosing. For premolars and molars, it is worth choosing the most durable crowns, because they take on a significant burden. But when choosing crowns for incisors and fangs, it is customary to pay attention to the aesthetics of materials and proximity to real teeth.

"And the final factor is longevity. Be informed what you are giving your money for. You don’t want to change crowns every couple of years? Today, such orthopedic designs are designed for 10-15 years, and sometimes more.

Therefore, in order to save yourself from unnecessary unnecessary problems, just follow our tips.