New teeth whitening system, Beyond 2 Ultra, at the Sa-Nata clinic

New teeth whitening system, Beyond 2 Ultra, at the Sa-Nata clinic

The Sa-Nata network of dental clinics operates using the latest advanced technologies and methods, employing only proven, effective, and safe equipment. Our team's work is based on two main principles: to provide our patients with the beauty of a smile's aesthetics and its full functionality. Our clinic has introduced a wonderful novelty - teeth whitening with the innovative Beyond 2 Ultra system. Dreaming of a dazzlingly white smile? Then we strongly recommend this type of whitening: it's highly effective, quick, and safe. Here's more about the Beyond 2 Ultra system.

The Beyond 2 Ultra teeth whitening system is an extremely simple, fast, and effective professional method that utilizes an intense light flow to whiten dental enamel. This method achieves a 6-8 shade lightening of the enamel color without discomfort or harm to the patient. The system was created and patented in the USA by the Beyond Technology Corporation, a global leader in manufacturing equipment for modern dentistry worldwide.

Advantages of whitening with the Beyond 2 Ultra system:

  • Fast results that last for several years: 1-2 years (with proper home hygiene, avoiding staining agents, and smoking)
  • Harmless, as the enamel of the tooth does not heat up during the light beam treatment
  • Eliminates the occurrence of tooth sensitivity
  • Ability to adjust the intensity of radiation individually for each patient (low, medium, and high levels)
  • The whitening gel acts on the enamel more comprehensively and evenly than other modern whitening methods
  • Short patient chair time (30-40 mins)
Advantages of whitening with the Beyond 2 Ultra system:
  • The system allows whitening for 2 patients simultaneously
  • Involves quick and easy patient preparation for the procedure
  • The system's LED light is equipped with a patented ultrasonic function, which reduces the duration of the whitening procedure and practically does not cause tooth sensitivity in the patient
  • Besides achieving dazzlingly white teeth, this type of whitening also gives the enamel a glossy texture.

Special feature: The patented whitening formula contains hydrogen peroxide and silicon dioxide, which act as catalysts along with other special ingredients in the composition.

Operating principle: The high-intensity light beam has a wavelength of 480-520 nanometers and uniformly activates the whitening gel with a special composition, which allows changing the shade of the enamel by 6-8 tones.

Contraindications: The Beyond 2 Ultra whitening method is not allowed for use for pregnant and breastfeeding patients, as well as for children under 16. Additionally, the procedure cannot be applied to patients with allergic reactions to components such as hydrogen peroxide and ethylene glycol.

Teeth whitening process with the Beyond 2 Ultra system: stages:

  1. Preparation for the procedure: Starts with a professional examination and consultation with a specialist, discussing the patient's desired whitening outcome. X-ray diagnostics are conducted to ensure the teeth are healthy before the whitening process begins. Any professional whitening, as per global modern protocols, is only allowed on healthy teeth.


  2. Shade selection: The desired enamel shade is selected on cleaned teeth using the Vita scale protocol.


  3. Photo protocol: A special photo protocol may be suggested to compare the smile before and after the whitening process.

Teeth whitening process with the Beyond 2 Ultra system: stages:
  1. Individual settings: The specialist sets individual parameters on the device's display based on the patient's clinical characteristics and personal preferences, including the duration of the procedure and the intensity of the light emission.

  2. Gum protection: The patient reclines comfortably at a 40-degree angle in the chair, wearing protective glasses. The specialist polishes the patient's teeth with a special powder, then applies a protective gel to the gum area and inner lip surfaces. The tooth enamel is dried before the protective gel is activated with the Beyond 2 Ultra system's lamp.

  3. Whitening process: Once the protective gel is activated on the patient's teeth, the specialist applies another gel with a whitening compound in a 2-3 mm layer. A special attachment with a built-in LED lamp is placed in the patient's mouth, secured on the retractor. The specialist initiates the whitening process on the system's display, utilizing the previously set individual parameters.

  1. 3 cycles: The Beyond 2 Ultra teeth whitening involves several 10-minute cycles, with the device automatically shutting off after each cycle. After each cycle, any remaining whitening gel is removed from the enamel, a new layer is applied, and the attachment with the lamp is reapplied. This process is repeated three times.

  2. Completion of the procedure: After the completion of all 3 whitening cycles, the doctor removes the remaining whitening gel and the protective gel from the gums and inner lip surfaces, then removes the retractor. The patient rinses their mouth with room temperature water. The whitening results are immediately visible, and the procedure is complete.

Choosing the whitening mode:

Choosing the whitening mode:

Undoubtedly, a specialist will assist in this matter after assessing and studying all your individual characteristics. They will skillfully and professionally select the appropriate whitening mode for you to ensure natural results while keeping the process safe and painless for you.

The system offers different modes: low (gentle), medium (normal), and intensive.

The gentle intensity is suitable for patients with severe tooth sensitivity, fluorosis, enamel hypoplasia, or chipping and cracking. The duration may slightly increase due to the low intensity of the radiation.

The medium intensity is recommended for patients with healthy and undamaged tooth enamel, allowing for the presence of enamel yellowness or yellow spots formed over time due to the consumption of staining agents or regular and prolonged smoking.

The intensive whitening mode is usually used for patients with noticeable significant dark stains (gray, black, etc.).

Recommendations after the procedure:

  • For 24 hours after the procedure, the patient should avoid consuming food and drinks with coloring agents.
  • Smoking should be avoided. The duration of the whitening results directly depends on the quality and regularity of the patient's subsequent home dental care, diet, and the frequency of smoking.
  • It is recommended to follow a "white diet" for the first few days (white meat and fish, egg whites, white rice, pearl and oatmeal, milk, butter, kefir, plain yogurt, soft white cheese, cottage cheese, pasta, and vegetable oils).

Caution and awareness: Whitening teeth should not be underestimated and viewed solely as a cosmetic procedure rather than a medical one. Such an approach is fundamentally wrong. Any type of whitening procedure should be performed exclusively by a dentist. It has become quite popular to offer teeth whitening services in malls, beauty salons, and airports. However, such services are at best poorly executed and at worst, unsafe and detrimental to the health of your teeth. Often, the result of such whitening leads to enamel cracks, gum necrosis, and pronounced sensitivity.

Professional and knowledgeable whitening procedures must be performed only on properly treated teeth and after professional hygiene by a specialist. It is better to have the procedure done professionally, skillfully, and with quality once, to achieve long-lasting results, rather than facing health issues later on.

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