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Digital panoramic x-ray machine with auto focus allows you to properly determine the condition of the parodontium and roots, the hidden interdental cavity, chronic inflammatory processes in the root tips of teeth that are asymptomatic. High-quality panoramic picture of the teeth - orthopantomography (OPG) before treatment allows your doctor to get an objective picture of the disease and to find optimal ways of solution.

X-rays in dentistry is always important, because it determines the efficiency and accuracy of Your further treatment. The patient is always concerned about the issue – and all of my dental problems will be able to see, recognize, and, therefore, cure? As you know, the correct diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. That is why treatment planning in the dental clinic "SA-NATA" (M. Osokorky, M. Poznyaky, M. Lukyanovskaya metro station) begins with a quality diagnosis. In our clinic, "SA-NATA" are the most modern and safe x-ray apparatus for the aiming of the picture and panoramic picture of the teeth of the orthopantomogram (OPG).

Treatment under x-ray control allows to properly seal the root canal in order to determine the condition of the bone tissue to fully sanitize carious lesions and much more.

For the convenience of further treatment, x-rays, as x-ray dental orthopantomogram of the patient are entered into our database where they are stored for a long time. If necessary, it is possible with high precision to print a snapshot image of the teeth on special paper.

Treatment under X-ray control makes it possible to properly fill in the root canals, determine the condition of the bone tissue, completely repair carious lesions, and much more.

We have all the shots are done efficiently, and most importantly, secure. The x-ray, panoramic picture of the teeth - orthopantomography (OPG) is a minimal x - ray dose. Using the most modern and virtually harmless to the surrounding x-ray equipment for sighting and picture for panoramic picture - of the orthopantomogram, we protect our valued patients and clinic staff.

To do this, respecting all the modern technology and regulations, we have created x-ray study with a high degree of protection from radiation, has received all necessary approvals and permits, and then officially registered x-ray service, as evidenced by the presence of the license.

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