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The final stage of orthodontic treatment is retention period, during which hold teeth in the position, which was achieved as a result of wearing braces on your teeth.

At the end of treatment, after the orthodontic apparatus (braces, splints, records, trainers) are removed, for fixing the obtained result is made retainer - fixation apparatus.

The retainer is of two types: 

● Removable (most often made of plastic)

● Non-removable (metal)

After active treatment of the bite of the retainer is fixed on the inner side of the teeth and is worn there until full retention of treatment effect. No special grooves on the surface of teeth when this is not done – retainer attached to the teeth with the same glue, which fastened and braces. In some cases, the orthodontist can clip on one jaw removable retainer, and the other fixed. A removable retainer is a plastic base plate or mouth guard and is designed for overnight wear. Can be two-jaw for temporary wear and one-jaw for permanent and temporary wear.

Работа стоматолога-ортодонта Алешкевич Юлии Анатольевны
Работа стоматолога-ортодонта Алешкевич Юлии Анатольевны

A removable retainer is pretty easy to care for: just rinse it in running water after meals and periodically cleaned with a toothbrush.

Fixed retainers are a special wire, which is attached to the rear surface of the teeth with special glue, by means of which the teeth were previously attached brackets.

Addictive to fixed retainer comes pretty quickly.

Special care non-removable retainer is not required. Just need instead of regular floss to use superfloss who cleaned gaps between the teeth in the period of wearing braces.

Once our orthodontist, with the help of retainers, reliably detects new, correct position of teeth, beautiful smile You provided for many years.

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