Компьютерная анестезия STA

Компьютерная анестезия STA

Компьютерная анестезия STA

«Са-Ната» старается максимально избавить Вас, наши дорогие пациенты, от дискомфорта и страхов связанных с визитом к стоматологу.

С компьютерной  анестезией:

- процедура проходит максимально незаметно и безболезненно

-отсутствует онемение губ, щек, языка — это значительное уменьшение дискомфорта

-вводится  значительно меньшее количество анестетика, что снижает токсичность и риск аллергических реакций

-эффект обезболивания происходит в среднем 1-2 минуты

-снижается  риск повреждения связок, кровеносных сосудов мягких тканей полости рта 

-ребёнок при использовании STA не исписывает страх,  при виде традиционного шприца с иголкой.

Modern equipment - the basis of high-quality treatment in dentistry "Sa-Nata" -

Piezotome cube Meet, in "SA-NATA" there was a new super device! The unsurpassed effectiveness of this piezotome in combination with the clinical experience of our doctors opens the way for accurate, fast, atraumatic and more predictable bone treatment.

This miracle of technology gives outstanding results with excellent healing and as a result - much less swelling, pain and complications in clinical observation. We keep up to date!

3Shape Digital Scanner

Imprinting has not been so easy! With 3Shape, the patient, without getting up from his chair, sees on the screen his problem first, and then a virtual simulation of his future tooth, crown or implant with absolutely accurate color reproduction. And in addition to experiencing complete comfort, it receives the highest quality result and significantly saves its precious time.

Our experts use the latest technology to create your perfect smile! Rather, sign up for a free consultation at "SA-NATA"!

Apex locator is an electronic device used in endodontics to determine the position of the apical narrowing and thereby allows to determine the length of the root canal of the tooth.

Back in 1965, scientists showed that the quality of endodontic treatment depends on three mandatory components:

  1. thorough cleaning of the canal
  2. sterilization
  3. its complete obstruction, that is, filling.

The basis for successful endodontic treatment is the correct determination of the working length of the root canal using an apex locator. The criterion "working length" is the distance from the most protruding portion of the tooth crown to its physiological narrowing.

Thanks to the best and diverse equipment of our Clinic, we are able to conduct the highest quality professional treatment!

Digital tooth diagnostics-3D image, COMPUTER TOMOGRAPHY OF DENTS AND JAWS

The latest high-level technology for digital diagnostics in "Sa-Nata" Clinic! With their help, you can see everything that a specialist needs to conduct the right treatment. Why talk a lot about this, let's see.

ILase Laser

iLase is an ideal tool for a full range of soft tissue procedures and operations. Programs for the most commonly used modes of operation: gum retraction before imprinting, gingivectomy, treatment of periodontal pockets, lengthening of the tooth crown, phrenectomy, excision, hemostasis, treatment of ulcers and reimplantitis. Laser modes allow virtually eliminating tissue overheating around the site of exposure. This eliminates pain and maximizes patient comfort during the procedure.

Microscope Carl Zeiss!

"SA-NATA" specialists work only with Carl Zeiss microscopes, which allows using the minimal invasion technique - that is, as sparingly as possible with respect to healthy tooth tissues. Minimum processing under maximum magnification. The microscope helps the doctor to find the entrances to the canals, to clean and seal thoroughly, which allows you to save the tooth for many years. Such critical procedures can only be performed by highly professional specialists in the field of endodontics.

Autoclave MELAG

A big problem in dentistry is the full processing of tips. Due to its complex design, difficult to clean, this tool requires a special approach to disinfection and sterilization. Our dentistry for reliable sterilization!

Meet our new assistant - the MELAG autoclave. It is intended only for tip sterilization. Sterilization in dentistry is of great importance for both staff and patients.

"SA-NATA" Clinic does everything to ensure that the patient is sure that they will be treated carefully, and he will take good care of his health.