Bracket system. Materials for the manufacture

Bracket system. Materials for the manufacture

As materials for the manufacture of bracket systems, metal, ceramics, sapphires are used. What type of orthodontic device will be recommended in one case or another depends on the nature of the treatment, the type of tooth enamel, the patient's preferences regarding the appearance of the staples, and their cost. Good quality services cannot be too cheap. On the contrary, the fact of an unreasonably low price should alert you: how qualified will your attending physician be?

Metal bracket system is most common. They are preferred, due to their special strength and low cost. However, there is no need to talk about aesthetic appeal. But wearing such a device will need to be less than braces made of another material.

Sapphire, plastic and ceramic braces are most similar in color to the natural color of the teeth. Therefore, the fact of their wearing will be invisible to others. Plastic and ceramic options are slightly less aesthetic, because they are equipped with metal locks to ensure rigidity. And the plastic itself is often painted under the influence of food.

Sapphire braces are invisible on absolutely snow-white teeth. This artificial material sparkles and gently shimmers like a gem. But the cost of this device is more impressive.

To completely avoid bracketing, you should use lingual models. They are also made of metal, but their fixation is carried out by the tongue.