Innovative 3Shape scanner

Innovative 3Shape scanner

Modern dentistry never ceases to amaze. And the most interesting thing is that while you are reading this article, more and more new methods and technologies appear in the world of dentistry for a comfortable, prompt and effective treatment result.

Diagnostics is a fundamental factor influencing the future outcome of treatment! In order to clearly define the diagnosis, to study the clinical picture of the patient and his individual characteristics, to exclude possible complications, and so on, a qualitative diagnostics of the situation is necessary. And this is not always about x-rays, it can also be special dental casts. But today, the standard casts are gradually being replaced by new computer technologies. Such as the innovative 3Shape scanner.

The Danish-made 3Shape 3D scanner is a high-precision intraoral optical device that provides an opportunity to take a 3D image of all the nuances and features of the anatomical structure of the patient's oral cavity

Advantages of 3Shape Scanner:

  • Time saving. The image of the scanned oral cavity is sent to the laboratory in seconds, which significantly reduces the time of procedures.
  • Comfort for the patient. Absolutely safe, provides comfort for the patient, since the scan is completed in just a few minutes and there is no need to make uncomfortable casts.
  • High accuracy. More accurate information about the diagnosed result of the patient, and therefore a guarantee of a better and more aesthetic result. Detailed visualization in 3-D format. The ability to build accurate and competent predictions and plans in treatment.
  • Versatility. The possibility of re-scanning at the same time, it is also applicable to both an adult patient and a small one.
  • Enamel scanning. The scanner clearly reproduces the natural color of the patient's tooth enamel, which allows to achieve the most aesthetic result in the manufacture of individual orthopedic structures in the laboratory.
Advantages of 3Shape Scanner:

How does scanning work with the 3Shape Scanner?

How does scanning work with the 3Shape Scanner?
  1. Stage of scanning. The specialist shines through the upper and lower jaw, not dwelling on each tooth for a long time. The scanner sensor, equipped with a micro-camera, reads the information and at the same time the result is instantly displayed on the monitor screen in real time with accurate color reproduction.
  2. Analysis of the clinical situation. Through a special application, specially designed for this device, the dentist can study the "picture" in detail, and, relying on the received information, choose an effective treatment method.
  3. Making of prosthetic element in the laboratory. The dental technician can immediately get to work - the manufacture of prosthetic structures, since the three-dimensional scanned image is sent straight to the laboratory in a matter of minutes.

When is the 3Shape Scanner useful?

  • In the process of orthopedic treatment (before installing the crown / veneer)
  • In the process of orthodontic treatment (before the installation of a bracket system or aligners and in order to predict the result)
  • Obtaining accurate data before installing the implant (allows you to accurately determine the area for installing an artificial root - abutment)
  • When establishing a diagnosis in the course of therapeutic treatment (tracking the dynamics after the implementation of manipulations)
  • Thanks to the three-dimensional image as a result of scanning, it is possible to produce a high-quality prosthetic construction, taking into account all the nuances and with the most natural and aesthetic visual result
When is the 3Shape Scanner useful?

Taking casts has never been so convenient, quick and comfortable! Scanning teeth using digital equipment, modeling the patient's future smile, planning and predicting treatment using ultra-high-speed computer technologies have the feature of eliminating the "human factor". They can help to avoid certain mistakes, complications, and also provide work not “by touch”, but flawlessly, efficiently and according to a proven template. But a specialist is not only important by his physical hands, this should not be forgotten. His artistic and creative vision has a great impact on the result, so the role of the dentist will always be paramount.

Therefore, the tandem of a specialist from the Sa-Nata clinic network and our innovative equipment is a 100% guaranteed successful result for the patient.

With the help of 3Shape, the patient, right from the chair, has the opportunity to observe his clinical situation on the screen, as well as a virtual simulation of his future tooth (crown or implant) with absolutely accurate color reproduction. You get the highest quality result and significantly save your precious time. Our specialists use the latest technology to create your perfect smile! Hurry up and sign up for a free consultation at Sa-Nata!