"SA-NATA" (metro Lukyanovskaya) – this clinic, which was founded for the people

We have created all conditions to make our patients feel at home and receive quality qualified quick help. We are ready to cooperate with all people who need dental implants in Kiev that helps the result is a wonderful healthy smile.

It should be noted that the clinic "SA-NATA" (metro Lukyanovskaya) in his work, he uses only the highest modern technology and offers the following services:

  • Quality advice by experienced dentists
  • Digital x-ray troubleshooting, which provides local and panoramic pictures
  • Preventive dentistry, which includes treatment of diseases such as pulpitis, caries, and the restoration and treatment of even badly neglected teeth
  • High-quality gum treatment (periodontics)
  • Surgical dentistry, helps quickly, efficiently and painlessly remove teeth
  • Prosthetic dentistry, directed at the prosthesis, which is carried out by using the best modern materials and designs; dentures with the use of so-called metal-ceramic crowns, which have a cobalt-chrome alloy or alloy expensive metal, crowns without metal, their basis is zirconium oxide or aluminum. We will produce the best so-called removable prosthesis designs with high-quality high-strength locking fasteners.
  • Orthodontic dentistry, to help you quickly produce the restoration of occlusion, as in children and adults
  • Aesthetic dentistry, bleaching of teeth, as well as decorating them using both high-end and affordable stones
  • Dental implants.

"Therapeutic dentistry, which includes the treatment of diseases such as pulpitis, caries, as well as the restoration and treatment of even very bad teeth. Quality gums treatment (periodontics).

"Aesthetic Dentistry:

  • Art restoration of teeth
  • Whitening
  • Gemstone decoration
  • "Dental implantation
  • Surgical dentistry, helps to quickly, efficiently and painlessly remove teeth
  • Orthodontic dentistry, which helps to quickly restore the bite, both in children and in adults
  • Teeth records (trainers and mouth caps)
  • Ligature bracket systems (traditional)
  • Self-ligating bracket systems
  • Lingual braces (internal braces) Retainers (removable and non-removable)

We guarantee our clients the highest protection against infection with various infections during the treatment, so we trust a lot of people. All the tools needed in the course of treatment, as well as consumables use one ; with regard to the premises and the equipment that is used repeatedly in several stages carry out sterilization, the use of ultrasound, ultraviolet, as well as a variety of quality disinfectors and autoclaves.

"Dental Clinic  "SA-NATA" (region of Lukyanovskaya metro station) was created specifically to provide you with a wonderful opportunity to get the smile of your dreams. Dental Clinic "SA-NATA" - Healthy teeth for everybody!