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Perfect smile in just a couple of visits to the dentist

Perfect smile in just a couple of visits to the dentist

In the clinic, "SA-NATA" on Lukyanovka patients are offered all kinds of veneers:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • The Lumineers (thin porcelain veneers)
  • Componere (composite veneers)

Installation of veneers is non-traumatic procedure with excellent aesthetic results

The best solution to improving the aesthetic effect healthy, but unattractive teeth is porcelain veneers. The price of this prosthetic material in the clinic, "SA-NATA" (Lukyanovka) will surprise You with their affordability.

Under the veneers in dentistry refers to ultrathin (0.5-1.2 mm) lining plate made of ceramic, which with the help of special cement and anchored to the front (frontal) teeth. Before installing the veneer is minimal tooth preparation – scraping of a thin layer of enamel. Then the dentist takes the impression to obtain an impression of the teeth on which the veneers are made. The patient has the opportunity to choose the shade of the veneer on the table of colors. Until permanent plates are made, the patient's teeth are protected with temporary veneers. As a rule, to do veneers just two visits to the dentist.

Lumineers and componere – new versions of veneers

The most perfect in appearance and functional qualities of modifications of veneers can be considered the lumineers. These porcelain plates are much thinner than the classic veneers, which allows, practically, do not grind the tooth under their installation. And reliability, and great looks are the number one porcelain veneers. Price (Kiev) of this prosthetic material is already quite acceptable. 

Lumineers and componere – new versions of veneers

However, unfortunately, porcelain veneers can afford not everyone. A much more affordable option is componers , that is composite veneers. They are made of photopolymer material (highly filled nano-hybrid composite that underwent polymerization). A composite plate is very thin (0.3 mm) and also provide a wonderful smile, though less durable than the classic veneers.

In the clinic, "SA-NATA" Your teeth provided the glamor and glitter

Microprosthetics teeth (Lukyanovka) is held by an individual plan, in a comfortable environment and at an affordable price. Artistic restoration of teeth using veneers gives You the opportunity to smile often and widely!

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