Treatment of caries
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Treatment of caries

If You crevices with every SIP of hot tea and feel the language of the cavity in the tooth – it's time to treat tooth decay

Preventive dentistry "SA-NATA" on Lukyanovskaya offers the following procedure aimed at removing caries and its consequences:

Remineralization fluoridation of teeth

  • Fillings of photopolymer material
  • Air-abrasive treatment (treatment without boron-car)
  • Fillings of glass ionomer cement
  • Laser therapy
If You crevices with every SIP of hot tea and feel the language of the cavity in the tooth – it

Modern fillings – this is a complete restoration of function and appearance of healthy teeth

The most common procedure in the treatment of tooth decay is pre-processed filling cavities that have formed as a result of disease progression. Preventive dentistry (Kyiv) today provides patients the fillings that are not only strong and durable, but also completely compatible with natural tooth aesthetic qualities.

Materials for filling are selected individually by the dentist in accordance with the color, texture and transparency of the tooth. Optionally, in the process of forming the seal will be recreated close to the natural architecture of the tooth with pits, fissures, bumps and other relief items. 

The most popular material for fillings today are fiberglass. Their dentist puts in layers, in order to achieve perfect sealing and good appearance. These materials harden under the influence of blue light.

Treatment of children's teeth without the "monster" called the drill

Round the clock pediatric dentistry "SA-NATA" on Lukyanovskaya offers unique ways of treating for the kids and fearful patients. Today it is possible to do without forest machines in the processing of carious cavities. In our clinic we successfully used air-abrasive treatment (so-called air-kinetic technique), which enables contactless cleaning of the cavities a stream of air with abrasive substances. Special sandblasting machines provide an opportunity to avoid one of the most unpleasant dental treatment procedures – drilling.

The effectiveness of treatment of caries increases the use of laser

Reviews about the dental clinics of Kiev testify to the fact that not everywhere in everyday practice included modern techniques. However, in the clinic, "SA-NATA" they are used very widely. Thus, the treatment of dental caries is much more successful with the use of laser therapy. Under the influence of the laser beam is the destruction of decayed cells. At the same time, healthy enamel is not affected. In addition, the laser provides the purification of a particular zone against pathogenic bacteria.

The effectiveness of treatment of caries increases the use of laser

Caries itself is not going to disappear: if available, You should pay a visit to the clinic, "SA-NATA"

Preventive dentistry (metro Lukyanovskaya ) provides an array of therapy options without the pain. Therefore, the fear of pain can no longer be an excuse for postponing the visit to the dentist. In the clinic, "SA-NATA" at the address: Kiev, Dmitrievskaya St., 75 we will assist you at any time convenient for You!

The recommendation of dentist: caries can be prevented

The initial stage of dental caries and increased tooth sensitivity can be resolved by fluoridation and remineralization. The essence of these procedures consists in treating the teeth with special solutions containing a sufficiently high concentration of a substance needed to strengthen the enamel. Remineralization and fluoridation of teeth (Kiev) is particularly recommended in childhood, when tooth enamel is only formed, and also during pregnancy, when the resources of the maternal organism are given to the unborn baby.

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    Treatment of caries

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