Gum treatment
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Gum treatment

Careful attention to the condition of the gums is an important factor in dental health

Careful attention to the condition of the gums is an important factor in dental health

Clinic "SA-NATA" on Lukyanovka offers a range of services for the treatment of gum disease at various stages of progression:

  • Diagnostics of the condition of oral tissues
  • Mechanical and ultrasonic cleaning of dental plaque (scaling)
  • Polishing roots of teeth
  • Drug treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis and periodontal disease
  • Vector therapy
  • Closed curettage
  • Various types of surgeries
  • Splinting of teeth with fiberglass filament

The best way to be found

Often the specialists-periodontists clinic "SA-NATA" on Lukyanovka have to deal with such gum diseases as gingivitis, periodontitis and periodontal disease. In any case, the treatment of the gums (Kyiv) starts with removal of soft and hard dental deposits. With this aim is a procedure called scaling, which can be both mechanical and ultrasonic. After cleaning the root surface of the tooth is polished, which further contributes to slowing down the process of accumulation of sediments.

Sometimes above the specified procedures sufficient to resolve the inflammatory process in the so-called periodontal pockets. In other cases, the treatment continues to prevent loss of tissues that support the teeth (periodontal ligament, alveolar bone). Until recently such treatment necessarily have to include surgery. Today surgical treatment have an alternative. In the same case, when the operation can not be avoided, it mainly is performed using laser.

Dentistry (Lukyanovka) offers patients a wide range of treatments using laser, which have a number of indisputable advantages. So, with the use of laser in the treatment of periodontitis is possible to achieve high rates of successful tissue regeneration. In addition, the treatment of periodontitis (Kyiv) laser techniques without damage to tooth enamel and with minimal discomfort.

In the clinic, "SA-NATA" with a laser is carried out the following procedures: epitalization (removing the excess epithelium), gingivectomy (the excision of the pathological tissue in the gum tissue), curettage (removal of epithelial cells from the walls of the periodontal pocket and evaporation of the granulation tissue), and patchwork surgery. All these operations after the decision of the main tasks over the hemocoagulation and anti-bacterial surface treatment.

For preservation of teeth with severe periodontal disease apply innovative methods

Patients with a "SA-NATA" guaranteed dental treatment (Kiev) with the use of the most modern available techniques. So, to avoid removing a large number of teeth due to their loosening with periodontitis managed with splinting connection of several teeth in the stationary block. The patient can be shown how temporary splinting of teeth in Kiev
application design on orthodontic wire with clasp fastening and DC using ultra-strong fiberglass yarns.

Effective alternative to surgery in the treatment of gums

The most successful innovation of recent years in the field of periodontics can be called vector-therapy, which provides a solution to problems that once required traditional surgery. In the clinic, "SA-NATA" effective use of "Vector" of German production – a unique, patented ultrasound device for noninvasive treatment of a wide range of pathologies of the periodontium.

Vector therapy (Kyiv) gives you the opportunity to remove supragingival and subgingival dental calculus, to destroy bacterial biofilm on root surfaces, Polish the tooth, and remove the endotoxins from the periodontal pockets. Gum treatment Vector allows you to remove biofilm and bacteria from the roots at the bottom of the periodontal pocket in anatomically difficult areas. Soft tissue, not damaged.

Specialists of the clinic "SA-NATA" will help to cure the disease and prevent its development again

In our clinic, Kiev, Dmitrievskaya str., 75 is not only a complex of effective measures for the treatment of gum diseases of any complexity, but also conducted a primary prevention and also treatments for the prevention of relapses. Patients who are at risk for the development of inflammation of the periodontium, provided individual consultations regarding oral hygiene at home, apply fluoride, and diet.

If you have any dental problem, You are guaranteed a professional approach and optimal solution!

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    Gum treatment

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