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Vector therapy

It is established that the main cause of periodontal diseases are hard and soft deposits, plaque on tooth surfaces. But if the raid on the available tooth surface resistant to regular professional cleaning, deposits in the periodontal pockets (areas of contact of the tooth and gum tissue) are not available for prevention. In our dental clinic applies the most modern method of treatment of periodontal diseases German unit "Vector", which allows not just to clean plaque below the gum line, but also to polish the surface of the root, so that new stones were formed very soon.

Using Vector therapy removes dental plaque, calculus, endotoxins, quickly and effectively neutralized the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. This revolutionary technology allowed us to virtually eliminate injuries when removing dental plaque and effectively carry out therapy within periodontal pockets with depth up to 11 mm, which previously was absolutely impossible and automatically assumed the use of surgical methods of treatment.

Simultaneously with the ultrasonic vibrations of the working tool, the "Vector" system under a certain pressure takes on the surface of the tooth with antiseptic solution and buffing the suspension is, creating thus the so-called "ultrasonic bath". The Vector system is very ergonomic and has a high degree of tactile sensitivity even in pockets deeper than 8 mm. the Removal of granulation tissue, bacteria, under the gum plaque and endotoxins produced without the undesirable removal of hard tissues of the tooth surface and damage the surrounding soft tissues.

The application of the "Vector" in the treatment of periodontitis allows a kind of double effect along with the efficient removal of dental plaque tiny particles of apatite hydroxide in suspension during the cleansing of the tooth is polished its surface that helps to prevent recurrence of the disease.

Regular support Vector therapy offers an opportunity to stabilize the process and put periodontal disease in remission. In many relatively severe cases, there is no need for surgical intervention.

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