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Treatment of root canal

To cure a tooth root, usually quite difficult, because you can not look in the middle of carefully perform the examination. Moreover, the channels in their structure different.    They often form pockets or branched. Therefore, there are problems and difficulties during their treatment. This problem in dentistry "SA- NATA" successfully solved by applying the treatment with a microscope.

Many people have questioned why it is necessary to make the root canal treatment? At that answer, the main goal of treatment is resumption of the functionality of the tooth root. No problem to restore the tooth itself is only, in that case, if the root is good.

The main symptoms that require root canal treatment, it is considered acute or chronic pulpitis, and also all existing forms of periodontitis.


It is impossible to treat the root in these cases:
1. if the damage of the periodontium;
2. impossible processing channel;
3. impossible the restoration of a tooth;
4. vertical fracture of the tooth.

The canal treatment usually takes place under anesthesia in several stages:
1. initially, the access channel;
2. completely removed all content in the channel;
3. preliminary works for sealing of the channel.

The road to the canal is made with the help of preparation of carious cavity, then the opening of the cover of the pulp chamber to access the tools in the channels. Then remove from the channel all of the contents (pulp, microorganisms, decomposition products, affected dentin). Then produce a determination of the length of the channel and prepare it to the next step – the filling.

Tri Auto ZX is an endodontic handpiece, which is cleaning and expanding root canal. Moreover, with its help you can control distance, until a certain so-called anatomical point of apex.

In dentistry produced by filling with Obtura System device the method of "three-dimensional obturation". The thermoplastic mass is heated to over 2000 Celsius, is introduced into the channel under high pressure, connects with the tissues of the tooth, and then closes it hermetically. This procedure takes approximately one and a half to two hours. It is great even for those situations that previously could be solved only with the help of surgery.

With the help of the technologies our experts it has become possible not only to do the treatment several times better, but to spend less time. Thus, this allows of the tooth to serve for many years, and does not deliver hassle. Properly sealed root is primarily a solid Foundation for the tooth.

Treatment of root canal, cost of services


    Treatment of root canal

    • Services list
      UAH cost
    • Mechanical and pharmacological treatment of root canals
    • The constant filling of the root canal
    • Endodontic treatment, processing channels using endomotora DENTAPORT ZX, MORITA, obturation technique "three-dimensional obturation" using System B, OBTURA.
    • Apexification root material PRO ROOT
    • Временная пломба
    • The temporary filling of Channel 1 calcium-containing preparations
    • Closure of perforation material PRO ROOT
    • Removing a foreign body
    • Medical bandage
    • Honey Processing channel 1
    • Honey Processing 2 channels
    • Honey Processing 3 channels
    • Medobrabotka 4 channels
    • Obturation 1 channel
    • Obturation 2 channels
    • Obturation 3 channels
    • Obturation 4 channels
    • Sealing channel Abscess remedy
    • Unsealing channel
    • Removal of old fillings
    • Ultrasonic treatment of the 1st channel
    • Ultrasonic processing of 2 channels
    • Ultrasonic treatment 3 channels
    • Ultrasonic treatment of 4 channels