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Treatment of caries

The main objective of therapeutic dentistry is considered to be the treatment of caries, which is the most common disease of the teeth.

This disease is demineralization (erosion of minerals that make up tooth enamel), as well as the destruction of the hard tissues of the tooth, which leads to the appearance of the defect as a cavity. Demineralization occurs as a result of formation in the mouth cariogenic microflora (bacteria) that helps create an acidic environment. Among all the existing reasons why caries occurs it should be noted improper diet, heredity, and the General condition, the so-called dentition. Caries are distinguished by criteria such as: phase, shape, depth, severity, occurrence process and localization. 

At the first stage of its appearance, caries, occurs on the tooth surface in the form of a white or dark spot. In this case, carry out the remineralization is the restoration of the minerals of the tooth enamel with a special solution.

Surface decay, can bring trouble to the man, as he is very sensitive and even painful for him to endure mechanical and thermal stimuli. At this stage, the enamel becomes rough edges. As for medium and deep caries, there partially is the destruction of the tooth. In these situations, disease of tooth, pain. For its treatment it is necessary to produce a thorough and proper treatment of caries cavity with its further filling, which is a process that helps to re-restore the old shape of teeth and their functions. 

The process of sealing occurs only after the caries is completely removed from the cavity, which was formed in a tooth. Today there are a lot of different kinds of filling materials, each of which has its own properties. Dentists for each patient individually select the appropriate filling materials relative to their durability and value, the location of the tooth in the mouth, as well as the health of person. For filling teeth it is customary to use such kinds of materials as: ceramic, plastic, and glass ionomer.

In our dentistry always for treatment of the teeth, using the best modern materials, high quality, and effective painkillers. Moreover, the doctors always follow the protocols, use the best modern techniques, have extensive practical experience, a good scientific base, and excellent skills. This gives us the ability to always achieve the best results and brings You the pleasure of a visit to the dentist.

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    Treatment of caries

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