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Teeth whitening

Smile - is beautiful, great, prestigious and fashionable

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to express positive emotions and bring good mood to others.

And You did it sincerely and without constraint, our clinic is ready to implement the whitening of the teeth, thereby ensuring the beauty of Your smile.

Smile - is beautiful, great, prestigious and fashionable

The art of dentistry "SA-NATA" Chavdar/Dmitrievskaya will do everything possible to after visiting the dental office the health of Your teeth was excellent.

By nature our teeth are not able to be completely white. Each person they have their own tone, and can combine several colors – beige, white, yellow, grey. Their color depends on both individual characteristics of the organism, and the thoroughness of care for the oral cavity. Throughout life they are subjected to various "torture": Smoking, intake of solid, hot and cold food, consumption of coffee, tea, medication, etc. besides, many food products contain food dyes and chemical compounds which hurt the enamel. Healthy tooth can be identified by the dazzling radiance and brilliance. 

Clean, smooth color the teeth creates a favorable impression about the person and have a positive impact on its image. To achieve white at home impossible professional dental care that our specialists are always ready to assist You.

In our clinic we offer patients professional whitening system:

● Whitening system BEYOND is a simple and painless procedure, which only one hour will significantly lighten the enamel and give the teeth a glow.

● Home whitening involves the use of individual plastic Kappa is made on plaster models of the dentition of the patient and the whitening gel.

The BEYOND whitening system has become very popular around the world. It offers patients the guaranteed safety and maximum comfort. This whitening will provide you with 5 to 8 shades through three 17-minute cycles for one operation. The main advantage of the system BEYOND whitening - maximum whitening results, i.e. the snow-white beautiful smile.

Teeth whitening system BEYOND is an advanced technology, which means the newest type of light filter and therefore is particularly gentle teeth whitening. Ultraviolet radiation and warm eliminated a complex system of optical filters. Modern halogen lamp provides maximum whitening. Also in our clinic are teeth whitening using laser iLase, which allows quickly and qualitatively to achieve lightening enamel not only without damaging it but also contributing to its strengthening. Teeth whitening not only gives incredible radiance and smooth color, but also helps to get rid of plaque and germs that are "deposited" on the enamel.

Teeth whitening, cost of services


    Teeth whitening

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    • Tooth Whitening System "BEYOND" (2 jaws)
    • Laser Teeth Whitening "Biolase" (2 jaws)