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The removal of wisdom teeth Kyiv price – the lowest in the region

Dental surgery – a branch of medicine, the main specialization of which is the treatment of soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity.  Our clinic provides all currently existing surgical services: removal of wisdom teeth and dairy (complex and Antipina), the patchwork implementation of various operations, the introduction of the bone graft and so on. All treatments,  including the removal of wisdom teeth Kyiv a price of which is available, if necessary, under local anesthesia. In our dentistry these operations are performed by an experienced dentist (surgeon) Sytnik Lyudmila Aleksandrovna.

The removal of wisdom teeth Kyiv price – the lowest in the region

In the clinic, "SA-NATA" surgeries and procedures on the soft tissues are made using modern and conservative method safe laser iLase. The main advantages are: accuracy, safety, speed, and lack of side effects, comfortable operation, both for the doctor and for the patient, faster treatment time. The eighth tooth (wisdom), usually considered a common cause of pain and discomfort in the mouth, many people. It can damage the gums, will penetrate into the bone or teeth that are next to it.

Our clinic offers a wide range of surgical services, including wisdom tooth extraction in Kiev, the price of which is democratic. We will conduct them professionally and quickly, with the help of the best dentists with extensive experience of fruitful years of work. Procedures, such as extractions in Kiev occurs in several stages: anesthesia, removal of teeth and stitching holes. It is not recommended to produce it in early and late pregnancy, while taking medicines that reduce blood clotting, acute diseases and so on.

Plastic of upper lip

Plastic of upper lip's frenulum

The reason for the gap between the front teeth is irregular, the upper lip's frenulum. If You have not a big bridle, then you should contact the experts of our clinic. Plastic frenulum of the price which is affordable, will be done in the best possible way. Please contact us, we will do everything efficiently and beautifully.

It should be noted that plastic frenulum of the price of which the affordable is performed without anesthesia, or with the smallest dose of anesthesia. There is no bleeding because the laser produces a "sealing" of the vessel. Moreover, there will be no scars, pain, and swelling. Heal wounds quickly, because the laser makes their sterilization. According to statistics, the majority of patients who require this procedure as a plastic of upper lip's frenulum is a children. It was first held in the middle of the last century, and now on special modern techniques.

It is the presence of the bridle allows the person to normally move his lips, open and close the mouth, and to articulate. If it's short, and not corrected in time, it will lead to several consequences: the violation of the formation of speech, dentition, chewing function, education gums pocket and so on. Plastic frenulum of the laser is contraindicated in cases of mental, infectious, oncological and chronic diseases, caries and complications and so on. The urgency of this operation depends on the complexity of the pathology and the strength of its impact on human health. Plastic frenulum of the upper lip by laser is carried out in infants aged 2.5 to six months. The second period is the age from six to nine years.

Surgery, cost of services



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    • Tooth preserving operations

    • Cystectomy with resection of the root apex
    • Gingivoosteoplastika 1-3 tooth (without the cost of bone material)
    • Kompaktosteotomiya (1-2 teetn)
    • Extractions

    • Removal
    • Atypical removal
    • Removal of milk teeth
    • Plastic frenulum of the tongue, lips

    • Frenotomy
    • Frenuloplastika
    • Vestibuloplastika