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One of the methods of treatment of caries of deciduous teeth is silver. It is more effective in the formation of caries in the stage spots. In this case, the use of a drill is not necessary, which is very nice for Your baby. The plating is coating the teeth with a special solution which includes silver nitrate.

Silver, known for its antibacterial properties, when applied on the tooth surface can protect the enamel and stop tooth decay at an early stage, but not eliminate the already occurred damage. This is a quick, safe and painless procedure, so it is held by even the youngest children, for which other methods of dental prophylaxis is not available.

Method of silvering is to apply the solution on your teeth with a cotton swab. For best effect it should be repeated 3-5 times every day or every other day.

The main disadvantage is the discoloration of your teeth. Due to the coating film from the recovered silver milk teeth get darker before the change to permanent.

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