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Removable devices

Plates on the teeth - this is a special orthodontic device used to treat defects of occlusion.

Treatment of locclusion of the teeth in our time is becoming more and more popular. Modern orthodontics is actively moving forward, developing more sophisticated methods, technologies and designs for the correction of defects of dentition. 

The plate on the teeth (as well as trainers and caps for the teeth) are removable orthodontic equipment, depending on the design, can be worn only at night or around the clock.

The lamina is of a plastic design for the upper or lower jaws.

Plate orthodontic perform different tasks:

  • Change the shape of the jaw bone
  • Affect the growth of the jaws stimulate or inhibit, depending on the purpose of treatment
  • Prevent displacement of the teeth in an undesirable direction
  • Hold the teeth in need for the correct occlusion position
  • Adjust the width of the sky

The plate on the teeth are very widely used in orthodontics for correction of malocclusion in children (under 12 years), on stage-mixed dentition, because at this age the formation of the dentition is not finished yet and it can still be influenced.

The plate is made individually, molds, and remains on the teeth thin wire hooks. While eating and brushing it can be removed, and then put on again.

Straightening crooked teeth in a plate mounted with arch wire, hinges and springs, and if you need to extend the jaw - between the halves of the plate insert extends screw.

Orthodontic trainer is a solid silicone tire that contributes to the alignment of growing teeth of children, guide the permanent teeth during eruption into the correct position.

Thus, it becomes possible to eliminate bad habits (sucking of the tongue, a finger), or excessive pressure of muscles of the maxillofacial area, leading to incorrect formation of bite the child. The aim of such devices is to bring the language into the correct position, train the muscles of the mouth.

Positive aspects of the treatment with using the trainer is that it should be used at night during sleep and two hours in the daytime.

This will help to achieve the desired result in the future will reduce the probability of use for orthodontic treatment braces.

Mouth guard for teeth is a removable structure, which is made of transparent biopolymer, each of them containing micromovement. Under constant exposure, it gradually leads to the planned movement of teeth and the correct formulation of each of them in the tooth row.

The effect of treatment persists for many years, besides the bite correction can be combined with whitening to put in the mouthguard a special solution and then worn for a certain time. Teeth change their color by a few shades!    Mouthguards it is not noticeable on the teeth, getting used to them takes place in a very short period of time.

Treatment of caps consists of several stages – first with the teeth removed the picture, according to which the computer creates a three-dimensional image of the whole jaw. After that virtual are made mouth guards of different sizes, the inner part which changes with the movement of the tooth. Then mouthguards are manufactured on a special machine and are given to the patient with clear recommendations for their use.

Don't forget that bite correction is a long process and requires some effort from the patient, but then a beautiful smile You provided.

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    Removable devices

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