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Smile always attracts the interest of people. Play a big role in a person's appearance. In the basis of aesthetic appearance are such principles as: the proportion, contours and color of the teeth, the harmony of form. They are used in aesthetic dentistry to make you smile each irresistible. In these days cosmetic dentistry has developed many different techniques that help to easily achieve the so-called desired effect with any arising defect. Our doctors have the skill that allows you to quickly fix minor damage to your teeth and to emphasize their beauty.

It must be said that smile is a sign of good mood, and one of the main components of the conversation. When a person smiles, it shows confidence, friendliness, and disposition to others. If Your broken smile, then cosmetic dentistry in dentistry "SA-NATA" always come to the rescue and solve the problem. The clinic is staffed by the best hygienists who have a personalised approach to each. They do the work professionally at a high level, everybody is happy. And the procedure laser teeth whitening Kiev the price of which will pleasantly surprise You will be not only qualitative but also painless

Often the cause of violations of smiles is the dental stone. To remove it will help of laser teeth whitening Kiev, in the clinic, "SA-NATA". As a result the teeth become white and bright. Many people try to whiten teeth and remove plaque from interdental spaces of the house, but to achieve a good result that doesn't help, because it requires special equipment and experience of the doctor. Usually now teeth whitening Kiev the price is reasonable prefer to book people who want to always have beautiful white teeth. Order this service right now by contacting the Manager by telephone. We will carry out this procedure quickly and painlessly.

Artistic restoration of teeth

Artistic restoration of teeth

Whitening first appeared in ancient times. Used crushed chalk and birch charcoal, and then a very long time to rinse out the mouth. Now whitening is a safe and quick way to get a white, charming smile. In addition to bleaching on aesthetic appearance of the teeth affects the quality produced by the artistic restoration of the teeth (a procedure designed to restore the shape and color of teeth). It is performed by two methods: direct and indirect restoration.

It should be noted that this procedure, like restoration of teeth occurs in several stages: cleaning of plaque and color detection, anesthesia, removal of fillings and saliva, inserting in the channel of the pin in the case where the tooth is destroyed by½. Then there is the application of the tooth sealed material, grinding and polishing.

At desire it is possible to order in Kiev decoration teeth diamonds, crystals and other original accessories. Be performed this procedure in two ways, by drilling the tooth without it. Also today, the teeth can be applied stickers and tattoos.

When gluing the decorations on the surface of the tooth, it will not be harmful to the enamel, because the decoration is attached to Kyiv teeth enamel with a special adhesive that does not contain the harmful ingredients. The procedure is quick and painless.

Quality cosmetic dentistry, our work

Quality cosmetic dentistry, cost of services


    Quality cosmetic dentistry

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    • Art restoration of teeth

    • Artistic restoration of teeth
    • Teeth whitening

    • Tooth Whitening System "BEYOND" (2 jaws)
    • Laser Teeth Whitening "Biolase" (2 jaws)
    • Jewel decoration

    • Decoration on the tooth: artificial gem - rhinestones
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