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Vector therapy Kiev at an affordable price

Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that specialized in the careful study and implementation of research, prevention and treatment of diseases of the periodontitis (the area around the teeth, which includes gums and also the periodontal, tooth enamel, tooth root and alveolar bone of the jaw). Recently periodontal disease is a widespread, serious problem, which is to pay a lot of attention. The basic reason why there is a periodontitis is bacteria. They gather on the teeth, then form plaque and dental calculus

Vector therapy Kiev at an affordable price

If you do not pay attention to it, then eventually, periodontitis, can become chronic. The main symptoms of its occurrence are considered to be: bleeding, hypersensitivity, and tooth mobility. One of the ways of treatment is considered the therapy of Kiev vector producing with a special apparatus. It allows to treat tissue affected by the infection at the micro level. The doctor carries out a linear movement parallel to the root surface of the tooth without damaging the hard tissue and soft tissue. Most often, the therapy vector is assigned to Kiev: as a preventive measure, in case unpleasant mouth odor, at an initial stage of the disease, rot gums.

The features of this treatment: painless, reliability, the preservation of the root cement, careful grinding of the root and the enamel of the tooth, removing rod gum stone and so on. The command "SA-NATA" - real professionals with extensive experience serving at the highest level. In addition to this method is carried out by treatment of the gums Kiev and other ways, as effective as therapy vector. However, despite this, many dentists of the world it has been proven that gum treatment vector is fairly efficient, therefore, it is considered one of the most popular methods, with which treatment of periodontal. Dentists "SA-NATA" have extensive and successful experience of treatment of periodontitis using vector therapy. Healthy gums, as well as aesthetic, strong teeth of patients is the main goal of our work. Wish to make gum treatment vector in Kiev? Then we are at Your service. Pre-register to the doctor by phone right now. The cost of the service will definitely suit You can afford.

Splinting of teeth in Kiev

Splinting of teeth in Kiev

Not a bad method is still considered as a dental splinting in Kiev, the main task of which is to strengthen teeth, prevent them from coming loose and falling out. It is carried out in situations where teeth are mobile, i.e., sitting loosely in the gums. To make this procedure as the upper  and lower jaw. Splinting of teeth in Kiev is divided into two types: removable and fixed. During the period of treatment is recommended to eliminate from the diet foods that support the growth of pathogenic microorganisms (sodas or sweets). As you can see, the clinic "SA-NATA" carries out treatment of periodontitis Kiev only with the help of modern methods, uses the best materials and modern equipment. During the procedure, patients do not feel pain and also the discomfort, so the treatment of periodontitis Kiev we prefer to spend a lot of people, including regular customers.

Periodontics (gum treatment), our work

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    Periodontics (gum treatment)

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    • Closed curettage laser (1 jaw)
    • Vector therapy

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    • Supportive Vector - therapy
    • Splinting of teeth

    • Splinting mobile teeth (6 teeth) fiberglass tape