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Orthodontics (bite correction)

Correction of occlusion Kiev affordable price

Orthodontics - branch of dentistry, which is aimed  the study of the etiology, prevention and treatment of defects of the jaws and teeth in both adults and children. The word "orthodontics" from the Greek, means "straight teeth".

Often from improper location of the teeth is a violation of oral health, which contributes in turn to the formation of plaque. If it is not treated on time, it will lead to caries and inflammatory process of the gums.

Correction of occlusion Kiev affordable price

Today, thanks to orthodontics, has the ability to quickly resolve and prevent harmful habits of children, to correct the patient's bite and to prepare a person for such dental treatments as implants and prosthetics.

As a rule, correction of occlusion Kiev, begins with the inspection and report for each patient's individual plan, which actually will undergo further treatment. The orthodontist during the selection of the method of treatment is based on the analysis of radiographs.

If Your child is age six years, then in that case it is necessary to show the dentist, because at this age, the primary teeth erupt "six", from which depends a correct bite. In case of wrong growth will need a correction of occlusion in dentistry Kiev "SA-NATA".

The most optimal time, during the period when it is recommended to perform the alignment of the bite children, it is considered age from 6 to 12 years. As a rule,  Kiev alignment of teeth by using the latest modern removable constructions (braces, aligners, wall plates).

The main features, in case of detection of which should go to the doctor and make Kiev the alignment of the teeth are: crooked teeth, impaired tongue position, swallowing and mastication, properly spaced teeth and the pronunciation of sounds.

Giving preference to the clinic, "SA-NATA" might not even be sure that the treatment will be produced quickly and efficiently, leading them to do good orthodontist in Kiev with a rich experience obtained during long years of work. It will take into account all Your wishes, then will bring them to reality. Working with us is easy and simple.

Bite correction in adults the prices are the lowest

Bite correction in adults the prices are the lowest

In our days all over the world many people has the problem of malocclusion. According to statistics, it is faced by about 80- per cent of humanity. Clinic "SA-NATA" offers to make the correction of malocclusion in adults prices which are not expensive, in the near future. For that, you should contact us or make an appointment with a doctor in advance by telephone.

Also we can make the correction of bite in children pictures that will definitely suit your pocket. The doctors will find a special approach to each young patient. A beautiful white smile will not just give every person confidence in their abilities, but also help to establish personal, or business relationships.

Its activity produces dentistry for years, always provides services, including bite correction in adults and children prices are available, high quality, so we trust a lot of customers.

Orthodontics (bite correction), cost of services


    Orthodontics (bite correction)

    • Services list
      UAH cost
    • Removing prints
    • Trainer function (various sizes)
    • Removable devices

    • Removing prints
    • Trainer function (various sizes)
    • Partial denture (Germany, Ukraine)
    • Braces

    • Metal bracket system (1 jaw)
      by 5000
    • Combined bracket system (1 jaw)
      by 6900
    • Sapphire bracket system (1 jaw)
      by 10000
    • Retainers

    • Fixed retainer on one jaw