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Art restoration of teeth

Such an expression as "dental restoration" means the full restoration of shape, structure and color and many other important parameters of the teeth, which allow to distinguish them from the rest healthy. In other words, a dental restoration procedure that helps to put in order the ruined and decayed teeth in normal conditions, with proper selection of restorative material that matches their color, opacity and shape.form.

It should be noted that the artistic restoration of teeth is of two types: direct and indirect.

Raising direct restoration, the doctor performs simulation, then complete restoration of the damaged tooth in your mouth. It uses a special restorative material light reflection photopolymer or glass ionomer.

In case of an indirect restoration, it is initially cast, and then the simulation and reconstruction of necessary tooth takes place in special laboratories from high-strength material such as ceramics.

Must say dentistry "SA-NATA" (m. Lukyanovskaya, m. Poznyaki, m. Osokorky ) uses only high-strength and high-quality materials and the latest equipment, allowing to perform work at a high level.

The team of dentists consists of experienced professionals with artistic taste. They produce the following operation:

  • aesthetic restoration of teeth that have been damaged by decay, or by a variety of injuries
  • imitation of the anatomic features of the teeth
  • art restoration of irregularly shaped front teeth
  • prevention of gaps between teeth (diastemata)
  • change the color of the tooth.

Dentists of our clinic are able to always all needed to see, to understand each client and renew damaged areas of the tooth, thus completely repeating its original shape. They use special technology, so-called layer-by-layer deposition modeling photopolymer material.

The main achievement of the dental restoration, it is considered, not a large amount of removal of tissue of the damaged tooth, so this helps make the patient smile once again beautiful and natural. Modern technologies provide the opportunity to preserve the restoration for many years, therefore, Your smile is always irresistible.

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