Treatment of root canal
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Treatment of root canal

Quality dentistry – no pain both during and after treatment

In the clinic, "SA-NATA" at the highest level provides the following services for endodontics (root canal therapy):

  • Root canal treatment mechanical and medical way
  • Permanent filling of root canals
  • Temporary filling of root canals calcium drug
  • Unsealing the channel
  • Ultrasonic processing channels
Quality dentistry – no pain both during and after treatment
The skill of the physician and the advanced technology ensures the longevity of the tooth pulp with the remote

The skill of the physician and the advanced technology ensures the longevity of the tooth pulp with the remote

It is very important that dental treatment (Kyiv) to meet modern standards of dentistry. For example, the channel length must be determined to an accuracy of 0.5 mm. the Only way depulpation will be fully produced, and the root canal relieved from the focus of infection.

Specialists of the clinic "SA-NATA" is used for careful handling of channels advanced equipment and tools. To measure the root canal length apex locator is used for their purification and expansion – endomotor Tri Auto ZX, J. Morita, to the obturation (filling) of the device Obtura System. The excellent sealing of the channels from the external environment provides the technique of "three-dimensional obturation" by thermoplasticmaterial gutta-percha. Heated to very high temperatures plastic mass under high pressure is injected into the cleared channel and after cooling connects securely with the tooth.

It's time to forget about the fact that the procedure of root canal treatment can be painful

Preventive dentistry (Lukyanovskaya) provides patients treatment procedures with the use of modern types of anesthesia without pain. Even the anesthetic injection is not felt after lubrication, the corresponding zone special gel anesthetic.


The endodontic microscope is an innovation that improves the efficiency and safety of treatment root canal recently dentists can save teeth that previously, in an unambiguous order was removed. One of the most advanced innovations in the field of root canal treatment should be considered endodontic microscope.

Preventive dentistry (Kiev) with the use of the microscope provides access to the root canals with maximum preservation of the tooth, the exact determination of the number of branches of the channel, a thorough analysis of the optical purity of the walls of the root canal, detection of hidden cracks and perforations. The risk of recurrent lesions of a tooth after treatment in this way is minimized.

The team of professionals of the clinic, "SA-NATA" deserves Your trust

The team of professionals of the clinic, "SA-NATA" deserves Your trust

Professional skills and experience of our specialists- endodontologist provide the possibility of effective treatment of even severely damaged or infected tooth. If there the slightest chance we can help prevent the loss of the tooth and extend its life even longer. Reminder from the dentist: teeth without pulp are at increased risk of fracture

Behind the tooth after the removal of pulp and root canal filling must be taken with great care. The tooth becomes brittle and to a greater extent than others, are at risk of developing caries. It is desirable that the tooth every six months was examined by the dentist. You may want to think about installing crown.

Take care of health of their teeth, we have You covered!

Treatment of root canal, cost of services


    Treatment of root canal

    • Services list
      UAH cost
    • Mechanical and pharmacological treatment of root canals
    • The constant filling of the root canal
    • Endodontic treatment, processing channels using endomotora DENTAPORT ZX, MORITA, obturation technique "three-dimensional obturation" using System B, OBTURA.
    • Apexification root material PRO ROOT
    • Временная пломба
    • The temporary filling of Channel 1 calcium-containing preparations
    • Closure of perforation material PRO ROOT
    • Removing a foreign body
    • Medical bandage
    • Honey Processing channel 1
    • Honey Processing 2 channels
    • Honey Processing 3 channels
    • Medobrabotka 4 channels
    • Obturation 1 channel
    • Obturation 2 channels
    • Obturation 3 channels
    • Obturation 4 channels
    • Sealing channel Abscess remedy
    • Unsealing channel
    • Removal of old fillings
    • Ultrasonic treatment of the 1st channel
    • Ultrasonic processing of 2 channels
    • Ultrasonic treatment 3 channels
    • Ultrasonic treatment of 4 channels