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Perfect teeth – a bright accent in Your attractive image

Perfect teeth – a bright accent in Your attractive image

In the clinic, "SA-NATA" on Lukyanovka runs a number of popular procedures in the field of aesthetic dentistry:

  • Direct Compositae-tooth restoration
  • Indirect restorations using metal-free ceramics, veneers and inlays
  • Teeth whitening with the use of the method "BEYOND" and "Biolase"
  • Decoration of the teeth diamante (artificial jewels)

The defects inherent in many of the teeth but eliminate them now everybody can

Cosmetic dentistry "SA-NATA" on Lukyanovka propose patients a long list of opportunities to improve the appearance of teeth. Among them – the improvement of the shape of the tooth, close gaps between teeth, correction of tooth position in relation to others in the series, the lightening of the enamel, the attachment to teeth of various decorations.

The defects inherent in many of the teeth but eliminate them now everybody can

The key procedure in aesthetic dentistry – aesthetic dental restoration that can be undertaken, either through direct techniques, and indirect way. Direct (composite) restoration refers to the procedure performed in one visit to the doctor without making further prosthetic restorations. It is performed using a light-cured filling materials (photopolymers). Under indirect restoration refers to microprosthetics with preliminary impressions of teeth and then manufacture in the dental laboratory veneers, onlays, Lumineers, inlays and other prosthetic structures.

Decorations on teeth: bring an original touch to your look

Decorations on teeth: bring an original touch to your look

Nowadays, the decoration of the teeth (Kyiv) – a wide range of extraordinary opportunities associated with the attachment to teeth of stones, figures, filigree designs and stickers. With their use the teeth become one of the key emphases of individual style. Among the most characteristic of this jewellery skyce are crafted from sapphires, diamonds, Swarovski crystals and other stones. Also quite popular special "tooth" crystals, twinkly (figurines made of precious metals) and stickers.

Attaching decorations to the tooth – completely safe procedure, which does not require preliminary grinding and passes with special photopolymer adhesive. Before installing decorations dentists recommend professional dental cleaning.

White teeth – not an allegory, but an achievable reality

Dentistry (Lukyanovka) offer patients the best procedures for teeth whitening. In our clinic we have left in the past, such may be side effects methods like Zoom with UV lamps, and used laser teeth whitening (Kiev). This is an absolutely safe procedure with results comparable with those after using Zoom.

Teeth whitening (Kyiv), price is often lower than expect our patients involves the use of two innovative technologies. First – Beyond using light blue spectrum with high intensity. Harmful ultraviolet light, thus, is completely removed with the help of special filters. The oxidation process in tissues of the teeth takes place without side effects. The second EzLaseBiolase using a diode laser, which triggers a photochemical reaction in the pre-treated with a special gel to the teeth. Thermal stimulation of the nerve, and other complications, with the use of techniques missing.

Specialists of the clinic "SA-NATA" with great pleasure will give You the ability to smile openly and often!

Cosmetic dentistry, our work

Cosmetic dentistry, cost of services


    Quality cosmetic dentistry

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    • Art restoration of teeth

    • Artistic restoration of teeth
    • Teeth whitening

    • Tooth Whitening System "BEYOND" (2 jaws)
    • Laser Teeth Whitening "Biolase" (2 jaws)
    • Jewel decoration

    • Decoration on the tooth: artificial gem - rhinestones
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