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Dentistry "SA-NATA" is the removal of teeth (Kiev) of any complexity

Our services include:

  • The removal of a baby tooth
  • The removal of a tooth root
  • Atypical removal
  • The removal of wisdom teeth
Dentistry "SA-NATA" is the removal of teeth (Kiev) of any complexity

Get rid of wisdom tooth, if he's causing trouble

One of the most popular surgical services in the clinic, "SA-NATA" is the removal of wisdom teeth (Kiev). The price for this service is stable and remains available, as the procedure applies to routine. Do not suffer the pain in the gums, headache, chronic injuries to the cheek and tongue, inflammation and fluxes, as well as many other complications associated with improper growth of wisdom tooth! We easily and painlessly relieve You of the source of these problems – wisdom teeth

Tooth extraction during pregnancy: in the clinic, "SA-NATA" is it safe

If the tooth is the source of infection and pain, it is better to remove in any case, even during pregnancy. In our clinic for the treatment of expectant mothers are special anesthetics that does not penetrate the placental barrier, so safe for the baby. Possible tooth extraction it is desirable to produce in the second trimester.

Removing a baby tooth – the first acquaintance with the dentist

Often the first visit to the dentist is associated with need to remove the baby tooth. Exactly what baby will take first in his life the dental procedure will depend on its future attitude towards the dental treatment. In the clinic, "SA-NATA" children's dentistry (Kyiv) will provide child friendly support, so no phobias will arise. If the baby is crying and cranky at night because of a toothache, we have a persistent pediatric dentistry.

Dentistry on Lukyanovka "SA-NATA" is a guarantee of safety and comfort

Dentistry on Lukyanovka "SA-NATA" is a guarantee of safety and comfort

You can read reviews about the dental clinics in Kiev and see that quality services are not everywhere. It is very important to choose a reliable site dental treatment for the whole family. After the first visit to the clinic, "SA-NATA" You will understand – this is that place

Follow recommendations for recovery – do not expose yourself to the risk of complications

Our doctors after tooth extraction will definitely prescribe medicines which will contribute to a speedy recovery. We should not forget that tooth extraction is the first phase of its replacement with artificial prosthesis. Wound healing all the rules will provide the highest quality and reliable prosthesis.

We wish You to forget what is a toothache!

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