The clinic appeared microscope Leica m320
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The clinic appeared microscope Leica m320

   Microscope Leica M320 can successfully diagnose caries at an early stage of its development, determine the fracture closure of perforations. With this device you can conduct successful microsurgical manipulation endotonii and periodontics. With the Leica M320 microscope doctor may conduct all necessary manipulations that require high precision.

In addition, the microscope is equipped with the photo and videodokumentirovaniya that allows you to record video images in HD and take pictures with a resolution of 3MP. The data can be easily stored on the built-in memory card SD.

Advantages microscope LEICA M320:

● apochromatic lens LEICA Galileo

● dual LED lights, the brightness of 100,000 lux

● HD-camcorder with Photography and video high quality resolution with remote control

● documentation of photographs and video on SD memory cards up to 32 GB

● Orange filter for use with light-curing materials

● Medical design with minimal gaps and the lack of cables

● nanoserebryanoe antibacterial