Dentistry and Lukianivska Poznyaki in Kiev
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Dentistry and Lukianivska Poznyaki in Kiev

   Dentistry Pozniaky and Lukyanivka "SA-NATA" is a harmonious combination of: the highest levels of professionalism of the doctors, the latest technological advances in dentistry. This courteous approach, you will not find anywhere else, because we make a personal treatment plan and care for your teeth and gums, for each client, taking into account the characteristics of the organism. And for our younger customers, we provide special caring attitude! Our dentistry is the best of the department, the whole city! Come here and make yourself!
Beauty smile - a real treasure, and an inexhaustible source of pleasant compliments. But to achieve it, it is necessary to exert a lot of effort and professional care.
Our clinic is equipped with most advanced equipment, which allows to provide reliable security. Prior to treatment we spend analyzing the problem, diagnosing, and then to select the most optimal, for you, of its decision.
Children's department of dentistry in our clinic, give your kiddies beautiful and healthy smile, which is considered a downpayment successful future baby! We are not afraid, for young children, and we have no evil doctors, which is frightening. The design of our equipment is made specifically for in any case not to hurt the child's mind. We are doing everything possible to promote the development of desire, have your kids - take care of your teeth! For the kids, we will choose the right and suitable variant of a toothbrush and toothpaste, teach them to brush teeth, as the "real adult" and an adult show you how this whole process properly monitor!
Dental "SA-NATA", provides professional services, which are carried out, highly qualified and competent professionals. We are happy to cater for absolutely every customer by providing baggy range of our services and running them at the highest levels of quality, professionalism and safety.