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Root canal treatment

   Therapeutic dentistry aims to preserve the "native" human teeth. Therefore, all treatment procedures are aimed at achieving this goal. Of course the best treatment is prevention, but in many cases, the tooth decay process remains hidden from the eyes and the nervous patient dental clinic receptors. When destruction or inflammation comes to the deep tissues of the tooth, the pain begins. And only after that a person goes to the doctor. In most cases, these symptoms suggest an inflammatory process of the pulp tissue (tooth-sensitive layer).

   If you put such a diagnosis, it is necessary to remove all the necrotic part of the tooth and filled it. In other words, the doctor will clean the channels from the tissues affected by caries. If the pain is felt, and the carious cavity is small, the doctor has to clear it from the affected tissues and make sure that the nerves are healthy and inflamed.

   As soon as the pain or tooth began to react to the cold and hot dishes, you should immediately visit a dentist. root canal treatment in modern dentistry is performed under local anesthesia. Diagnosis pulpit and check the results of physician for sealing root canal is carried out using X-ray equipment. Today, dentists have learned to keep these teeth for several years of loyal service to the owner. Therefore, root canal treatment helps save the tooth from final destruction and removal.