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Advantages of implants

   Modern technologies allow to create implants that are suitable for everyone with a few exceptions. Exceptions may be people who suffer from intolerance to certain materials and substances used by physicians to restore the integrity of the dentition.

   If the patient has no contraindications, the body is functioning normally, the bone is dense enough, and oral health, the doctor will begin to install the implants. After surgery, the patient quickly gets used to the prosthesis. Because the implants are well transmit force from chewing on bone and muscle tissue, the bone and gum tissue is not muscle atrophy and remain in good shape. In addition, the crown on the titanium implants perfectly fit into the set of teeth and do not stand out, that is preserved naturalness, which was prior to the removal or tooth injury.

   After oral install the whole structure should be cared for. Terms of care are preserved, as well as for healthy teeth - brushing twice a day, a visit to the dentist every six months. Through this approach, implants will last a long time and allow to smile from ear to ear and not feel discomfort due to gaps in the dentition.