Plastic bridles the tongue, lips

Plastic bridles the tongue, lips

Addressing congenital anomalies in the oral cavity is a reliable way to prevent serious diseases

In the clinic, "SA-NATA" on Lukyanovka patients of any age have the opportunity to undergo various types of surgical correction of frenulum of tongue and lips:

● Frenulotomy

● Frenuloplasty

● Vestibuloplasty

Simple operation helps prevent serious negative effects

Simple operation helps prevent serious negative effects

It is possible that when the baby passes plastic bridles back in the hospital. Later in child or adulthood, such interventions are performed in connection with periodontal, orthodontic or speech therapy treatment (removal of gum problems, speech disorders or bite)

The use of laser – increase the comfort and safety of dental procedures

Plastic frenulum of the prices in the clinic, "SA-NATA" on Lukyanovka the most appropriate, may be conducted by applying the laser. Such intervention has a number of advantages in comparison with usual. Plastic frenulum of the laser is a bloodless operation, which do not overlap the seams. Excess tissue of the frenulum is evaporate , the tissue operated edges are sealed. Laser treatment provides anti-bacterial effect.

Advanced technology and high professionalism of doctors ensure guaranteed successful result

In the clinic, "SA-NATA"  the choice of method of treatment priority is always given to the most modern innovation that can achieve the desired effect with minimal disruption.

Welcome to comfortable treatment!

Plastic bridles the tongue, lips, cost of services