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Показания к применению

Установка брекетов показана при:

  • искривлении, обусловленном неправильным ростом коронок;
  • изменении расположения зубов, обусловленных утратой других;
  • врожденное нарушение развития челюсти.

Поставить брекеты в клинике «Са-Ната» – значит гарантировано обрести красивую улыбку и избежать стоматологических заболеваний и нарушений функции ЖКТ. За продолжительный срок (около 250 лет) применения ортодонтического исправления искривления, системы претерпели значительные изменения.

Braces (special locks)

Работа стоматолога-ортодонта Алешкевич Юлии Анатольевны

Braces – these are special locks, which are bonded with dental adhesive on the outer (vestibular) or inner (lingual) surface of the tooth. All the braces on one jaw are interconnected with the help of orthodontic arch - wire with a given initially harmonious shape of the dentition. Straightening up, arc it pulls the teeth and aligns them.

All braces on the teeth can be divided into vestibular and lingual.


Работа стоматолога-ортодонта Алешкевич Юлия Анатольевна

 Vestibular braces are attached on the outer side of the teeth using a special composite reflective, and are the most common and affordable form of braces. Vestibular braces are divided into ligature (traditional) and self-ligating. They can be metal, plastic, ceramic, sapphire and different variety of forms and colors.

● Lingual braces are placed on the inner side of the teeth and are absolutely not visible to others. Orthodontic treatment using lingual braces are virtually identical in result, but a little longer time than treatment with vestibular braces. Their main difference is that installing internal braces system provided completely different. After the diagnostic examination is created a plaster cast of the patient's jaw. It is a special way to install and fasten the braces, and then almost done with the mold is transferred to the inner surface of the patient's teeth.  

Lingual braces are indispensable for patients who refuse to wear external braces for aesthetic reasons.

The installation of bracket systems in Kiev from "SA-NATA" dentistry in Dmitrievskaya region and E. Chavdar region does not cause severe pain, the duration of treatment is an average of one and a half to two years, and noticeable improvements are observed after a few months.

Работа стоматолога-ортодонта Алешкевич Юлии Анатольевны
Работа стоматолога-ортодонта Алешкевич Юлии Анатольевны
"Indications for use Braces installation is shown at: - distortion due to improper crown growth; -changing the position of the teeth due to the loss of others; - Congenital malformation of the jaw. Putting braces in the Clinic ""Sa-Nata"" ""- it is guaranteed to find a beautiful smile and avoid dental diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Over the long term (about 250 years) of applying the orthodontic correction of curvature, the systems have undergone significant changes. Varieties The bracket system is of 2 types: lingual and vestibular. The vestibular is attached to the outer surface of the crown. It is most affordable and used more often. Those who care about the aesthetic appearance are shown the installation of invisible lingual braces. They are attached on the inside, getting used to them is somewhat more difficult than to the outside. According to the method of attachment is divided into: - ligature - fastening to locks occurs using ligatures; - ligatureless or self-ligating - the arc moves freely in the grooves, and less effort is required for alignment. Also, the devices differ in the material from which they are made, into the following types: - plastic - the most inexpensive and therefore the most popular. But plastic is not the most durable material and can change color under the influence of dyes; - metal - the most durable, but not the most aesthetic; - ceramic - combine hypoallergenicity, esthetics, but inferior in strength to metal; - sapphire - beautiful, but not very durable and not suitable for darkened enamel. Braces the cost of which depends on the material, the complexity of the installation and the type of fastening, must be adjusted once a month (in the case of the vestibular system) or every 2-3 months (when using the lingual)."

Lingual braces are indispensable for patients who refuse to wear external braces for aesthetic reasons.

Install braces in dentistry "SA-NATA" for Dmitrievskaya and Chavdar does not cause severe pain, treatment time averages one and a half to two years, and a noticeable improvement has been observed for several months.

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