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In our clinic, "Sa-Nata", a new microscope Carl Zeiss!

In our clinic, "Sa-Nata", a new microscope Carl Zeiss!

In our clinic we use the dental microscope Carl Zeiss. The firm is a leader in the production of optical devices. It allows you to safely treat the most difficult teeth and teeth with the direction "to remove" The results were staggering - more than 50% of "bad" teeth (teeth to be) can be successfully treated using a surgical microscope. At times improves the quality of treatment, and sealing the root canal, it is possible perelechivat and provide a reliable guarantee for those teeth, which have previously been doomed to removal.

Carl Zeiss OPMI Dental Microscope allows you to see (and treat!) Teeth under magnification of 30 times. The opportunities of the dentist-microscopist, incredible. The accuracy of diagnosis and quality of such treatment - simply amazing.

Through the use of a microscope Carl Zeiss OPMI, we are able to give a guarantee for dental treatment with the diagnosis of "pulpit."