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Welcome to the website of dental clinic SA-NATA

The basic principle of the dental clinic SA-NATA - is individual approach to each patient, whether children's dentistry or round-the- clock dental care.

Night dentistry Kiev (m.Osokorki, m.Poznyaki). At any time of day or night, if you have unsolved problem with teeth, you can contact the dental clinic "SA-NATA." Always come to the aid of a good dentist and responsive nursing staff. Here you can get emergency dental care, and advice of any interesting question.

Round-the-clock dental clinic SA-NATA (m.Osokorki, m.Poznyaki) provides a full range of dental services for children and adults:

  • Рreventive dentistry
  • Detection and treatment of caries and it's complication
  • Treatment of canals
  • Art restoration- restoration of the original anatomical shape, texture, color and other parameters of the tooth.
  • Orthodontia(correction occlusion)
  • Laminae on the teeth(trainers and caps)
  • Ligature braces-system (traditional)
  • Self-regulatory braces-system
  • Lingual braces ( internal braces-system)
  • Retainers (removable and fixed)
  • Orthopedics (prosthetics)
  • Removable prosthetics
  • Fixed prosthetics
  • Viniry

Beautiful smile - is a real treasure. It is an inexhaustible source of compliments and good mood. If you want to catch a reciprocal smile - smile.



  • Surgery dentistry
  • Tooth protector operation
  • Exodontia
  • Plastic frenulum of the lips and tongue
  • Hygiene and prevention
  • Scaling - dental tartar of ultrasonic scaler
  • Air flow- dental deposit by jet soda, water and air
  • Application fluorinating composition on tooth enamel
  • Parodontics (gum treatment)
  • Vector therapy - the most modern method of treating periodontal disease by German machine «Vector»
  • Splintage


  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Art restoration of teeth
  • Dental bleaching
  • Decoration gems

Dentists of our clinic own an arsenal of modern methods and technologies with which the treatment, restoration, bleaching and prosthetics will be most successful.

Dentistry Kiev (m.Osokorki, m.Poznyaki) - a combination of the highest professionalism of our dentists and the latest technologies in the field of dentistry and diagnostics, allowing an individual plan of care for your teeth and gums, taking into account all the features of your body.

Round-the-clock dentistry Kiev has at disposal the most modern and safety radiographic equipment of the panoramic image of the teeth - orthopantomogram. 

  • Roentgenology (diagnostics)
  • Dental X-ray image (orthopantomogram)
  • Target X-ray image


Orthopantomogram Kiev -it is X-ray (radiograph) two jaws, which are clearly visible teeth and roots. Digital panoramic X-ray unit with autofocus lets you correctly identify the parodentium condition and roots hidden interdental cavities, chronic inflammatory processes in the tops of the roots of teeth, which are asymptomatic. High-quality panoramic dental X-ray image (m.Osokorki, m.Poznyaki) - orthopantomogram before treatment allows the treating doctor to get an objective picture of the disease and find the best ways to solve the problem.

  • Children Dentistry Kiev (m.Osokorki, m.Poznyaki) - a smile of your little children are now and smiles adults and successful people in the future!
    Сhildren's dentistry. We also pay special attention to our young patients, because our children's dentistry department of Kiev is the best in the city.
  • Hygiene and prevention
  • Treatment and filling
  • Sealing fissure 

 The design of the equipment is specifically designed so not to traumatize the child's psyche. That is, everything from A to Z done so to get rid of not only the image of the "evil masters of torture", but also to make sure that the child wanted to care for teeth. Children dental clinic, certainly advise, which toothpaste and toothbrush is better to buy for your child, teach kids how to brush and adults how to produce quality control dentifrice. 
Dear Parents, comes with your children to our dental clinic. In the treatment of children - for parents free consultation.

To ensure that your teeth are healthy and your smile always looked at "a million dollars" - Dental clinic SA-NATA on Poznyaky works for you round-the-clock .


Sincerely, The Dental clinic SA-NATA


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Round-the-clock dentistry "SA-NATA" in Kiev

Welcome to our dental clinic "SA - NATA" and offers you the best dental services, both for you and for your entire family.